Minecraft movie day sparks endless memes after 2019 announcement tweet resurfaces

minecraft the movie tim holland

Fans are hilariously celebrating Minecraft movie day despite the previously announced film being nowhere to be found. However, the lack of an actual film hasn’t stopped the endless memes the community is producing.

On April 16, 2019, Mojang officially announced the Minecraft movie along with a release date. The film was slated to release just three years later on March 4, 2022. But with no further updates, the announcement faded into oblivion.

That was until January 2022, when fans resurfaced the announcement tweet. “Just a couple of months to go,” several fans tweeted as they reshared the long-forgotten proclamation.

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Now, fans are celebrating what they’re calling Minecraft movie day with reactionary tweets to the fictitious film. And there’s seemingly no end in sight for the comical Minecraft movie memes.

Minecraft movie day memes

The Minecraft movie, sadly, did not release on March 4, 2022. Nevertheless, that hasn’t stopped fans from pretending it has. Twitter has been filled with Oscar-worthy performances from people raving about the nonexistent film that has been described as a cinematic masterpiece.

Twitch streamer and voice actor SPUUKY shed tears claiming the Minecraft film was the most beautiful movie he had ever seen. Streamer GamesCage enthusiastically raved about the movie’s highlights while spoiling its post-credits scene.

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A number of tweets compared the Minecraft movie to Spider-Man: No Way Home, which was a recent critically acclaimed film. There were even some who claimed Tom Holland was cast as Steve and did a better job portraying that character than he did Spider-Man.

What happened to the actual Minecraft movie?

While it wasn’t publicly announced by Mojang, The Hollywood Reporter broke the news on October 5, 2020, that the Minecraft Movie no longer had a release date. This was due to how COVID-19 affected the Warner Bros. release calendar.

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The film’s release has been delayed indefinitely, and we haven’t heard any news from Warner Bros. or Mojang regarding the production of the Minecraft movie since. However, that hasn’t stopped Minecraft fans from already deeming the film a 10/10.

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