How to watch KEEMSTAR’s Minecraft Monday, Week 6 – ft. James Charles, Technoblade, CaptainSparklez and more

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Another Minecraft Monday tournament is upon us with a star-studded lineup to look forward to, and if you want to know how to watch it you’ve came to the right place. 

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The next installment of the weekly get-together, which is set up by YouTuber Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem, starts on July 29 and will be broadcasted live for fans to watch along. 

As previous viewers will be aware, the event pits teams of YouTubers, Twitch stars, and other popular internet personalities against each other in a series of competitive mini games. But, there can only be one duo that comes out on top. 

James Charles, Instagram
James Charles is playing in Minecraft Monday, Week 6. Full participant list below.
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Where to watch Minecraft Monday, Week 6

For fans that are interested in watching Minecraft Monday for week six, the event is set to start on July 29 at 4pm EST (9pm BST, 1pm PT, 6am AEST – July 30). 

The event can be watched live on the following Twitch channel, hosted by UMG Gaming Events as usual. There’s bound to be yet another interesting series of contests involved, and we’ve even done the hard work for you by including the stream below – which will go live when it starts. 

UMG events Twitch channel: 

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Participants for Minecraft Monday, Week 6

There are a number of high profile participants involved in Week 6 of Minecraft Monday, with not just James Charles, Technoblade, and CaptainSparklez, but a number of other popular personalities from the gaming community ready to lock horns in the tournament. 

The full list, as provided by UMG Gaming, can be seen below. 

UMG Gaming
Here’s the full lineup for Minecraft Monday, Week 6.
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What will they be playing? 

Minecraft Monday players are going to battle it out in a number of different rounds throughout the course of the event, which include Hunger Games at Spark City to kick things off, followed by Dropper, Find the Button, Kit PVP, TNT Run, Lava Run, Build Battle, Spleef, and finally Hunger Games (Orient). 


(Placement score is based on your teams placement) 

  • Eliminations: +10 Score
  • Victory: +30 Score
  • Top 2 Teams: +20 Score
  • Top 3 Teams: +10 Score
  • Surviving: +2 Score (Whenever a team is eliminated all other remaining teams earn +2 Score)

Note: Score for Placements, Surviving and Victory Royales is split between the teammates evenly if both are alive, otherwise those scores are awarded to the surviving teammate. (This will help reflect individual contribution to the team score. Who’s carrying who out here?!)

Minecraft screengrab
TNT Run will feature in Minecraft Monday, Week 6.
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1. Cheating of any kind in Minecraft Monday is strictly prohibited and will result in a permanent ban. 

  • No cross-teaming. Your duo partner is your ONLY teammate. 
  • No “feeding” to help another team (purposely allowing another player to eliminate you earning them extra score)
  • No modes or resource packs that grant unfair advantages.
    • Acceptable mods: Optifine, Gamma Boost (so your viewers can see in dark places), and Lowfire. 
    • Default Textures and Resource Pack.
    • Keep things simple and barebones.

2. Trash-talk is allowed, however, you must still conduct yourself respectfully. 

3. Clout chase. Don’t be a sore loser and HAVE FUN!

(Source: KEEMSTAR)

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