Dream fires back at SMP community after Manatreed skin joke goes wrong

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Dream fired back at the Minecraft community after a warm welcome for one of the newest SMP server members, Manatreed, went wrong over a joke about custom skins.

Manatreed’s journey to his first Minecraft stream has taken months to come to fruition. But a couple of days ahead of his debut, Dream dropped a line for a bit of banter with the new broadcaster that quickly got out of hand.

This led the popular YouTuber to fire back at the community he’s grown and fostered, essentially defending the new figure before even going live.

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“Nowhere did anyone mention free work,” Dream began. “Come on guys, give the man a break. Trying to get at his neck the first day he’s been on a stream.

“I know he means commission because he asked me to help him commission one ages ago, he literally just said the community would be involved.”

A simple exchange between Dream and Manatreed fanned out to a much more concerning conversation about taking advantage of creatives.

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“Get a Minecraft skin idiot,” Dream said in jest. Manatreed responded in kind: “I will let the community make me one.” But this reply managed to rile up some people from the MC fandom and sparked concerns of exploitation.

“You should commission someone instead of getting someone to do free work for you,” one user told Manatreed.

This exploded as people were rallying behind the importance of paying artists for their work, a sentiment they felt Manatreed was trying to circumvent.

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“Artists, especially skin artists, get taken advantage of all the time and are expected to make art for free,” another person said. “[Manafreed] didn’t state clearly that he would commission a skin artist so it’s fair to assume exactly what other cc’s do, that he wanted free work.”

According to Dream, this is all due to a misunderstanding and Manatreed is eager to get a proper (commissioned) Minecraft SMP custom skin for his streams.

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