Dream claims Minecraft speedrunning has turned “bad” with “sh*t content”

dream-minecraft-speedrunningIG: Dream / Microsoft

Minecraft YouTuber Dream explained why the game’s speedrunning content has gone in a “bad” direction and claimed it’s gotten to the point where it makes for “sh*t content” as a spectator.

As one of the figureheads in the Minecraft community, Dream’s opinions on the state of the game bear some weight — even when it comes to talking about specific sub-communities that he has little to no involvement in.

For example, he isn’t a professional speedrunner by any means, but he has dabbled in it in from entertainment from time to time because he thinks it makes for good content. However, he thinks it’s lost its edge.

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Dream shared his thoughts on the state of speedrunning content in Minecraft and claimed that it’s become so complex and hard to follow, that it’s reached the point where it’s “dumb” and has become “sh*t content.”

bee chasing steve in minecraftMojang
Minecraft speedrunning has become so popular that it has a dedicated community.

“I’ll be honest, and I don’t want to start beef with the speedrunning community like again and have people mad at me, but I think that the decisions [that have been made] and the direction it’s gone in is bad,” he said.

Dream admitted he hadn’t been involved in the community for a while. But speaking from the perspective of a spectator, he claims it’s simply become too nuanced and complicated for people to follow.

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I think that allowing calculators and pausing and pressing F3 to see entities and all of that, I think it’s dumb primarily because it just makes sh*t content,” he added.

“The reason that speedrunning streams back then were so successful was that you could just follow what’s happening. Like, you don’t have to know exactly what’s happening, but you can kind of understand what’s going on.”

Dream wrapped things up by likening the tricks and tools speedrunners use to cheating. 

“It feels like you’re watching somebody cheat whenever you watch like the average top speedrunner now,” he explained.

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He realized some people in the community might consider his opinion to be a “hot take,” but insisted he was just sharing his thoughts as a spectator who has become increasingly frustrated with the direction it’s gone in.