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Borderlands 3’s Mad Moxxi flawlessly recreated in Minecraft

Published: 16/May/2020 15:55

by Joe Craven


A dedicated Borderlands 3 fan has shared their jaw-dropping recreation of non-playable character Mad Moxxi in Minecraft.

Mad Moxxi first featured in 2012’s Borderlands 2, and offers players many of their missions as they explore Pandora. She is known for her trademark top hat and tip jar, as well as the dark, gothic make-up.

Since Borderlands 3 released, Mad Moxxi has established herself as a fan favorite to cosplay. While cosplaying is one way of honoring her, one Redditor has switched up the game by flawlessly recreating her in Minecraft.

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Gearbox Software
Mad Moxxi returned for 2019’s Borderlands 3.

On May 13, Borderlands 3 fan u/nipole99 shared their incredible take on Mad Moxxi, recreated in acclaimed sandbox game Minecraft. “She’s finished! I present to you… Moxxi, in Minecraft!”


The attached image is truly jaw-dropping: Moxxi has been perfectly recreated in Minecraft, a game with distinctly different aesthetics to Borderlands 3.

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The Redditor also provided a brief summary of how they managed the design, explaining: “I use Pixel Stitch to essentially get my desired image into a grid, and then build it in sections. I kinda create my own colour scheme as I go, which is… Painful”.

She’s finished! I present to you… Moxxi, in Minecraft! ? from r/borderlands3

While the final result is undoubtedly awesome, the amount of work the Redditor went into should not be underestimated. They shared multiple images of the creation in progress, reaffirming just how long it must have taken to perfect.


Imgur/Reddit: u/nipole99
An early capture of the Mad Moxxi Minecraft creation.

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Imgur/Reddit: u/nipole99
The Mad Moxxi recreation as it neared completion.

The creation reaffirms the amount of time and effort fans will put into recreating their favorite video game characters, whether it’s via cosplay or an entirely different altogether.