One dedicated Marvel Snap player has already collected every single Art Variant

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A Marvel Snap player has already collected every single Art Variant in the game, spending thousands of dollars in the process to acquire them all. 

Marvel Snap content creator Cody Snap tweeted out the store page of a player who has seemingly bought every single Art Variant there is to buy in the game. In the screenshot of the player’s store, there is quite literally nothing left for them to purchase. 

Marvel Snap is a card collection game released in June 2022 developed by Second Dinner featuring characters from the Marvel Universe. In Marvel Snap, a player can purchase said Art Variants, which are simply alternative skins a player can put on a pre-existing card they already own. It is essentially a cosmetic item.

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There are multiple ways to obtain Art Variants, be it through the Season Pass/Caches, Collector’s Reserve,s Token Shop, Daily Offers, and a number of in-game events. Overall, to collect every single Variant, the player must have been playing since its release to purchase the older variants, as only a handful are on offer each day in the Shop.

How much would it cost to get every Art Variant in Marvel Snap?

According to the Marvel Snap Zone, there are currently 1,105 Art Variants in the game today. Around 25% of the cards are Super Rare Variants, only available from the Daily offer for 1200 Gold, roughly $15. There are also Rare Variants, which is the majority of the cards, that can be obtained from either the store, Season Pass, or Launch Week Celebration, usually costing around $10 a pop. 

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Then there are the Ultimate Variants, which are only purchasable from the Token Shop. A shop only accessible to players with a collection level of 500. To put it in layman’s terms, you must have already spent big to spend bigger.

It’s hard to gauge how much a player will need to spend to obtain every single one as it needs to be purchased through roundabout token systems in game. 

But as a minimum average, the player would likely have dropped at least $11,000 and half a year of time to obtain every single art variant in Marvel Snap.

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