Marvel Snap: How to win the new location Rickety Bridge

Rickety Bridge 2Marvel Snap

Rickety Bridge is now live and is the featured location in Marvel Snap. Here’s how you can win this location in your games!

The Marvel Snap Savage Lands season continues to roll on, and players are still working hard to collect the newest, powerful cards like Kang and M.O.D.O.K.

With a new season comes not only new hero cards, but also new locations for players to conquer and shake up the meta. The newest location, also the current featured location, is the Rickety Bridge.

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Here is everything you need to know about the Rickety Bridge and how to win the location.

Rickety BridgeMarvel Snap
Learn how to dominate the Rickety Bridge.

Marvel Snap: How does the Rickety Bridge location work?

On the Rickety Bridge, if there is more than one card at the end of the turn, those cards are destroyed. This means that, not only are additional cards played on this location destroyed, but also cards like Nightcrawler or Cloak that move cards to the location will be destroyed.

In addition, this rule applies to both you and your opponent, meaning that you cannot both have one card played at the location at the same time. If both you and your opponent play a card here, they will both be destroyed. As a result, playing valuable cards here early is of no benefit, because your opponent can play any card to destroy yours.

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Marvel Snap: How can you win the Rickety Bridge location?

The best method to win the Rickety Bridge is to play cards that prevent your opponent from being able to play their cards in that location. Cards that lock down the location, such as Professor Xavier or Ebony Maw, can accomplish this aim.

Another alternative is to play cards that benefit from being destroyed at this location. For instance, Deadpool, Wolverine, and Sabretooth are all great options to play on Rickety Bridge so that your opponent either empowers your card or lets you have this location.

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Finally, you can get around the restrictions from the location by playing cards that cannot be destroyed here. For instance, Colossus and Armor would both survive the location’s destructive properties.