Marvel Snap datamine reveals Baby Shark-inspired card & more

marvel comics jeff the shark headerMarvel Comics

A recent datamine for Marvel Snap has revealed two new cards added to the potential card pool, one of which appears to be a Baby Shark reference.

Marvel Snap took card game enthusiasts by storm at the end of 2022 and garnered a lot of praise from mobile players thanks to its snappy gameplay and simple mechanics.

Developer Second Dinner has kept Marvel Snap relevant with continuous updates that have introduced new modes, challenges, and plenty of new cards to collect.

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Now, a recent datamine has given fans a glimpse into two new cards that have entered the potential card pool for future releases, and one of them features a very obscure Marvel character that seems to also reference 2016’s viral Baby Shark song.

Marvel Snap datamine confirms Jeff the Baby Land Shark card

According to the website Marvel Snap Zone, the card in question is called Jeff the Baby Land Shark. It is a 2 Power, 3 Cost card with a description that reads “Nothing can stop you from playing this anywhere (If there’s space).”

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The artwork shows Jeff the Land Shark sitting on the floor happily devouring food like pizza, chocolate chip cookies, and stir fry. However, the card seems to make the distinction of calling Jeff a “baby” Land Shark.

Whenever he appears in Marvel’s various comics, Jeff is, more often than not, referred to simply as “Jeff the Land Shark,” despite his miniature size and often adorable antics.

jeff the landshark marvel comicsMarvel Comics
In the comics, Jeff the Land Shark often acts like a pet dog for the hero Gwenpool.

For those who may not recognize Jeff, he originates from the West Coast Avengers (Vol. 3) comics released in 2018, where he is eventually adopted as a pet by the character Gwenpool. Thanks to his cute depiction the character has steadily grown a strong fanbase among comic readers.

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Though it may just be a funny coincidence, the decision to alter Jeff’s name does seem like a subtle reference to an incredibly viral meme from 2016.

Alongside the ‘Jeff the Baby Land Shark’ card, it seems a ‘Nimrod’ card has also been revealed as the flagship card of the March 2023 Battle Pass. According to the leaked info, Nimrod will apparently be a 5 Power, 5 Cost card that adds another copy of the card to each other location once it is destroyed.

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While it’s currently unknown when players can expect to readily find these cards among future card pools, if these datamines are to be believed, players can expect them sometime in March 2023.