Shirtless Jeff Goldblum is the star of MTG’s newest Secret Lair

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MTG Jurassic World Ian Malcolm headerUniversal/WOTC

MTG’s latest Jurassic World collaboration foregrounds Dr Ian Malcolm, including some of his more revealing moments.

The Lost Caverns of Ixalan has been warmly received by MTG players, and its Universes Beyond: Jurassic World cards have been highly sought-after.

The Jurassic World crossovers with MTG are only ramping up, now that a new Secret Lair entirely based on Jeff Goldblum’s dinosaur-surviving stalwart has been revealed.

Secret Lair X Jurassic World: Dr. Ian Malcolm celebrates Goldblum’s eccentric mathematician

MTG Jurassic World Ian Malcolm shirtlessUniversal/WOTC

Secrets Lairs can highlight the most iconic elements of a crossover franchise in just a small handful of cards, and the Ian Malcolm Secret Lair isn’t wasting any of its allotted space.

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This set makes some big swings and highlights the reason Malcolm is so beloved in the first place: Goldblum’s engaging, offbeat performance.

Fans might expect Secret Lairs to depict characters in daring, heroic poses. While Dr Malcolm comes off well in a couple of these cards, especially the one depicting his much-memed shirtless scene, one of the cards here is entirely dedicated to Goldblum’s signature, near-alien laugh.

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In a herculean feat of translation, the card’s flavor text does its best to replicate the sound in text form.

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MTG Jurassic World Ian Malcolm LaughUniversal/WOTC

The Secret Lair – while gentling ribbing Goldblum and his famous character – is a good-natured product of fan love.

Perhaps other Jurassic World characters will receive their own Secret Lairs, but even if not, Ian Malcolm is well worth the purchase for any true Jurassic Park fan.

It’s worth noting that, while previous Jurassic World cards have featured wholly new designs, the Secret Lair X Jurassic World: Dr. Ian Malcolm are instead alternate-art versions of existing cards. Still, the creativity in matching these designs to the character makes them well worth picking up.

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The Secret Lair X Jurassic World: Dr. Ian Malcolm can be pre-ordered directly from Wizards’ Secret Lair store, and will be released on January 26th, 2024.

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