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Randy Moss, Ed Reed headline excellent April 13 Ultimate Legends drop

Published: 13/Apr/2019 18:16 Updated: 16/Apr/2019 17:33

by Joe Bartel


It probably won’t rival the Ultimate Legends drop that featured the likes of Michael Vick and Lawrence Taylor, but the April 13 edition of the weekly Saturday program certainly shouldn’t be dismissed as a multi-purpose strong safety and fan favorite wide receiver saw massive upgrades Saturday.

Both Ed Reed and Randy Moss have dominated the meta for large portions of the Madden Ultimate Team season upon their respective releases, and it’s fair to suggest the newest 99 overall items will be a boon for PS4, Xbox One and PC users.

And for once, the limited-time item isn’t so shabby either, as Steve Young could replace the likes of Michael Vick, Lamar Jackson or Cam Newton for a select minority of people.

Moss doesn’t meet the Spin Move threshold, but that doesn’t make him a bad item.

Let’s start with the negatives first, because, well this is content about Madden Ultimate Team. Despite Moss’ incredible plethora of stats, 84 Spin Move could wind up sinking the item for a vast majority of people.

For many MUT users, it’s common knowledge 88 Spin Move is the threshold needed to receive the best spin animations which has created a domino effect as to how players then construct their respective defenses, forcing many to rely on players who can receive the red chem, Secure Tackler, which acts as a direct counter.

It’s a justifiable concern regarding Moss, but this might be one of the few situations where EA properly balanced the Vikings legend, considering an easier path to the aforementioned threshold would have essentially made Moss a necessity for any competitive lineup.

6-foot-4, stock 98 Speed and four separate 98+ receiving stats already make Moss a near must-have if you’re worried about being competitive in head-to-head matches, as the amount of chemistry/Power-Up tweaks needed to make the previous highest overall version (96 overall Ghosts of Christmas Past) hit these sort of stock numbers just isn’t worth it.

Yes, a vocal minority of previous Moss users have complained about the receivers inability to make catches that should be made considering his high overall stats, but there’s only four receivers currently released who are 6-foot-1 or taller, have 95 or higher speed and a spectacular catch stat higher than 95 – two of which are Moss.

Randy Moss was so unique as a player in the NFL that attempting to balance a receiver with that combination of size and speed in a video game is beyond tricky. Forcing MUT users to purposely build Moss into the proper spin threshold is about as close to a proper balance as you can get for a WR that was essentially a real-life cheat code for the majority of his career.

Reed figures to be a cross-manning menace, capable of sticking with even the fastest receivers currently available in MUT.

Reed never had those sorts of physical gifts, but the NFL’s all-time leader in interception-return yardage, and sixth all-time in interceptions, has found a place in the current MUT meta thanks to his ability to properly play zone coverage as well as man.

The lack of Hit Power (87) and height (5-foot-11) will have a certain subsection of players avoiding the Ravens legend, but it’s hard to argue against a player with 99 stock Zone Coverage, 97 Speed and 99 Play Recognition. Particularly in a meta which still prominently features crossing routes, having a safety capable of manning up the opposite side of the field is imperative – a skill Reed’s newest item directly caters to.

Both Reed and Moss can join multiple theme teams which is an added bonus given their respective items would be featured iterations regardless of the specific team focus.

Young is an all-around quality quarterback for users interested in straying away from the popular options in the meta.

Young might be slower than someone of the main options in the current meta, but what he lacks in speed he makes up for in well-rounded throwing stats.

A side-by-side comparison of Vick, Jackson and Young when comparing their athletic attributes.

The image listed above does a good job illustrating that point. Young loses upperwards of five to seven speed when it comes to fully Powered-Up version of Michael Vick and Lamar Jackson along with -5 acceleration and -7 agility.

Those last two stats shouldn’t be glossed over, as a player’s ability to maneuver in and around the pocket depends largely on the latter as opposed to speed. Ultimately then, the decision about which quarterback to roster comes down to play style, as some might want a more mobile thrower who is less at risk to miss passes.

Listed from left to right – Vick, Jackson and Young when comparing the trio’s passing attributes.

Literally every important passing stat save for Throw Power Young sports a significant to moderate advantage over his fake colleagues, with a significant difference in Deep Throw Accuracy particularly crucial in the aforementioned cross-heavy meta.

Similar to the NFL Draft LTD Cam Newton, or even to a lesser extent, NFL Combine Josh Allen, Young has the speed to make a difference if needed, but his real value comes in the form of speed plus balanced throwing statistics. It might not get you to change your starting QB, but at the very least, Young’s newest item should make you reconsider what you want from the pivotal position.

A special edition of the Friday Night Football, airing at 8:00 PM ET, is expected to yield tidbits on the upcoming Power-Ups which will be released Sunday, along with a couple of potential new updates to the Color Smash promo which was revealed earlier in the week.


10 New Power-Up players were added to the game Sunday. The list is as follows:

  • S Derwin James
  • MLB Roquan Smith
  • WR JuJu Smith-Schuster
  • CB Aqib Talib
  • TE Antonio Gates
  • RE Bradley Chubb
  • DT Grady Jarrett
  • RT Rick Wagner
  • K Adam Vinatieri
  • C John Sullivan

Madden NFL launches multi-year collegiate program across 2,500 campuses

Published: 28/Oct/2020 14:06

by Adam Fitch


Electronic Arts and Learfield IMG College have entered a multi-year partnership to find future esports stars at colleges.

Level Next, The College Esports League, is said to support over 2,500 campuses across the United States and starts with Madden NFL 21. Beginning on November 9, registration is open to all college students that are attending a four-year accredited university.

The league will “feature at least one of EA’s esports franchises” and serves as the gaming company’s official home for collegiate esports.

There’s no word on other titles that the league may adopt in the future but EA are also behind FIFA, NHL, and Apex Legends.

Level Next, The College Esports League
Level Next, The College Esports League will initially utilize Madden NFL 21.

Taking collegiate esports to the next level?

An eight-week regular season will lead to playoffs and a culminating championship, with the winning team being named the national champions. The Fall Champions Series will have a $150,000 total prize pool.

The Madden NFL 21 Championship Series is the official top flight of competition for the American football game and includes sponsors such as Pizza Hut, Snickers, Verizon, and Gillette. The 2021 Club Championship, which is part of the series is set to give out $750,000 across its competitors.

“Until now, collegiate esports has been primarily small-scale, community-based and fragmented. This program will bring the excitement and camaraderie of college competition to a new level,” said Todd Sitrin, SVP of EA’s competitive efforts.

“By leveraging EA’s decades of experience at the intersection of traditional sports and esports, and Learfield IMG College’s unprecedented scale and position as the official rights holder for more than 200 universities and conferences, this collaboration will establish a much-needed structure within the collegiate esports ecosystem and help accelerate Madden NFL competitive gaming popularity.”

The ultimate goal of Level Next is to “unify competitive play at universities nationwide,” which also provides a platform for up-and-coming talent to show off their abilities.

Much like in traditional sports, esports organizers are looking to schools and colleges to create a talent pipeline across multiple gaming titles.