New Madden 19 Ultimate Team Super Bowl promo has potentially been leaked

In an image on the PS4 Store page, a Super Bowl-themed promo is evidently on its way to Madden 19 Ultimate Team in the near future, featuring a handful of players that previously played in “The Big Game.”

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to veterans of MUT, as EA has made a habit of building specific promos around the biggest game in a given NFL season. 

The ad appears to suggest players who hadn’t previously purchased Madden 19 would be in line to receive a Super Bowl Elite item such as Dick Butkus, Walter Payton, Darrell Green, Keyshawn Johnson or Jevon Kearse along with a smattering of other small rewards, but it’s worth pointing out the item will likely resemble a mid-to-low elite card that wouldn’t do much to boost an already established team.

A new promo could be on its way to Madden 19.

Still, it’s an intriguing tidbit to consider with the Super Bowl merely a few weeks away, and likely sheds some light on potential players who could see substantial upgrades. 

Savvy MUT players with bountiful coin stacks could wind up profiting in a major way by acquiring these cards’ current top items, as Power-Ups options for the aforementioned items would likely increase the value of the previous “base” iterations.

Without any sort of confirmation from EA this is all just speculation, but we’ll likely find out more in the coming days and weeks as the Team of the Year shine slowly wears off, and the growing unrest for more frequent content begins to take hold of the Madden community.

That wasn’t the only MUT news to surface Thursday, as a pair of Limited Time Playoff Performers also hit packs, highlighting two players who likely won’t draw much attention from the majority of the community.

An absurd influx of high end tight ends already de-values Vernon Davis, whose one defining trait (speed) doesn’t come close to the likes of Team of the Year 95 overall George Kittle, who happens to play for the 49ers. 

With a guaranteed price of 500,000 coins and without a Power-Up option to boost his value for Broncos or Redskins theme teams, this just feels like a missed opportunity to highlight some other more deserving players. 

What’s more, the likes of Delanie Walker, who received a Limited Time Primetime Performer a little over a month ago, also can be a 49ers TE through the Power-Up method, meaning Davis becomes the third San Francisco TE to have a 94 or higher overall item. That sound you hear is MUT players slapping their heads in disapproving unison.

Weddle’s item is probably a bit more unique than Davis, but entirely less useful, as 89 Speed and diminutive height (5-foot-11) immediately ruin his viability for anything but Chargers or Ravens theme teams. 

97 zone coverage is certainly appealing if it was more of a “budget” item, but the decision to make all Limited Time cards a base 500,000 cards immediately hinders that thought process.

More than likely Davis and Weddle will be in line for Power-Ups in the near future, as both have seen multiple upgrades to their base 80 and 81 overall cards, respectively, but until that point these items are simply expensive secondary options.