New Madden 19 Ultimate Team Super Bowl drop adds value to Patriots and Rams teams

. 3 years ago

The second part of the Madden 19 Ultimate Team Super Bowl promo dropped on January 28, featuring the two teams who will actually be competing in the Super Bowl on February 3. 

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Both the Los Angeles Rams and New England Patriots saw nine cards either get all new items or outright upgrades to their previous editions, useful for completing the specific team sets which yield a 97 overall Julian Edelman or 97 overall Marcus Peters, respectively. 

Similar to the Super Bowl Past sets, any 94+ overall cards used will come back as non-auctionable/tradable options, meaning Rams or Patriots theme teams will still get to the benefit despite acquiring the higher end cards.

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A plethora of Patriots players received upgrades with the latest Madden 19 Super Bowl promo.

Save for the height (5-foot-10), Edelman compares favorably to the recently released Larry Fitzgerald, which also sports 91 speed but impressive receiving stats all around. 

Peters, on the other end, seems like the better option for an overall lineup given his excellent coverage stats (96 Man Coverage and 94 Zone Coverage) and respectable 94 Speed. 

Both options will be expensive, however, as a newly minted set which yields a 99 overall sellable Super Bowl MVP requires all four captains of the Super Bowl Sets (Peters, Edelman, 97 overall Red Team Master and 97 overall Blue Team Master) to acquire. 

Of course, those items will return in NAT form, but it’s safe to say they won’t be “easy” to accumulate and as such, make for unrealistic lineup options for most players.

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The Rams also received a solid of upgrades in their own right.

Along with the two Super Bowl Present masters, a 96 overall Devin McCourty free safety Limited Time card also dropped in packs Monday. 

At 5-foot-10, McCourty won’t come with the same animations as the likes of Sean Taylor or Brian Dawkins, two popular options at the position currently, but he possesses a litany of favorable statistics otherwise, including 90 Man Coverage and 94 Zone Coverage. 

This item also figures to expensive, however, but the more important information comes from the fact more LTD items will come throughout the lead up to the Super Bowl, with high-end Patriots and Rams players expected to infiltrate packs throughout the course of the week.

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Relive some of the biggest moments in Super Bowl history with the latest solo activities in MUT.

A plethora of new solos also entered the fray, bringing with it the return of the popular Predictor Sets. 

By completing “Relive the Past to See the Future” solos, players will earn tokens which can be submitted into sets that yield Super Bowl rings, depending on if you pick the correct outcome. 

While none of the sets are expected to make a player rich in “bling”, it’s still a fun way to engage in the Super Bowl itself, particularly if you don’t have a dog in the race.

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The MUT Store is full of new items that can be purchased with the newest currency to hit MUT.

Finally, more new items are available in the MUT Store for purchase via the newest currency, although none seem to present any sort of value for the consumer. 

Unlike Zero Chill, which saw users able to benefit massively through the use “snow” and purchasable cards, it appears as if EA has stymied any opportunity for coin-making opportunities, creating a less-than-desirable third currency for absolutely no benefit.

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