Madden 24 players roast newsfeed bug in Franchise Mode

Chris Boswell in Madden 24Electronic Arts

Franchise Mode players in Madden 24 have poked fun at the glitched out newsfeed in the game, which has reported on some rather bizarre outcomes.

The rollout for Madden 24 has not been a smooth one, as users have reported a number of missing items in Madden Ultimate Team and online connectivity problems, among others.

Franchise Mode has also seen its glitches, as reported by several members of the Madden community.

Users have posted images of a number of bugs in relation to the game’s Franchise Mode newsfeed, which indicated some wild and impossible outcomes in the National Football League.

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George Kittle in Madden 24Electronic Arts

Madden 24 players discover series of Franchise Mode bugs

On the Madden subreddit, several players have posted images of the newsfeed in Madden 24’s Franchise Mode.

The newsfeed delivers information on what’s going on the NFL, but Franchise players have found some strange statements.

One Madden 24 player posted an image of the feed that stated the Colts “narrowly avoided defeat” in a matchup against the Saints, a game that ended with a 41-10 score but somehow went into overtime.

In another post, the feed indicated that the Detroit Lions were set for a parade after winning the Super Bowl — after the team defeated the Lions.

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Fellow players were quick to poke fun at the glitched Franchise Mode newsfeed in Madden 24. One player wrote in regards to the overtime post, “New overtime rules are wild.” Another added, “Bro doesn’t know about the 31 point play.”

In relation to the second post, one stated “Even when they win, they lose.”

Another took the time to poke fun at the Lions, a franchise that hasn’t won a Super Bowl and last made the postseason in 2016. “I mean we always beat ourselves. Happy we got a trophy out of it.”

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