Madden 24 players outraged over Patrick Mahomes diving throw

Patrick Mahomes in Madden 24EA Sports

This throwing animation in Madden 24 is making players concerned.

The first trailer of Madden 24 and a closed beta have given football fans a look at what the next installment of the franchise will look like come August.

However, it appears that a new feature in this year’s title is not going over well with some.

On social media, a throwing animation from Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes has a few players concerned about the future of Madden 24.

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Madden 24 players unhappy with new animation

On the Madden subreddit, a repost of a TikTok video that featured footage from the Madden 24 closed beta has received a lot of attention. This video includes a snippet of Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes performing a “diving throw,” a move that the superstar quarterback has done in the past as an improvised, act of desperation pass.

This throw is a new animation that was originally advertised in the initial Madden 24 reveal trailer, but this video gave players a true look of what it will actually look like in the game come August.

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The reaction to the new animation on social media has not been kind to EA Sports. One user highlighted that Mahomes’ move — a last-resort type of throw — was made without any contact and the QB dived “like he’s [W]hite Goodman,” a nod to Ben Stiller’s villainous character from Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story.

Others users also commented on the lack of realism connected with the animation. One Madden player pointed out Mahomes’ failure to brace himself or land on his side after the throw. Another added, “Madden is just going for the Fortnite crowd at this point. Clearly not interested in making an actual NFL simulation game.”

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Madden 24’s closed beta began on June 8 and will allow selected players to try out H2H Ranked, Superstar, and Madden Ultimate Team, among other modes. The latest installment of the franchise is set to be released on August 18.

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