Madden 23 players furious as servers wipe Franchise mode saves

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Madden 23 players have been searching for answers as the game’s servers have been down, wiping players’ Franchise mode saved for both online and offline files.

For football fans, Madden 23 has not been as smooth a ride as they’d had hoped.

Players have experienced countless glitches and bugs since the annual football sim launched back in August 2022, including one that spawned random buildings across the field mid-game.

Now, Madden players report that their entire save files have become corrupted as the EA SPORTS servers continue to suffer from outages.

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Madden 23 Franchise mode save files wiped

Madden players on Reddit began reporting their Franchise mode save files were inaccessible on December 29.

User Luxie34 said, “Rest in Peace Franchise. For those out there that have the “temporarily unavailable” message on their franchise, is it a foregone conclusion that we lost that franchise? I’m ten years deep in mine.”

The “temporarily unavailable” error message continues to restrict players from accessing their Franchise files, with no known fix to the problem. Even after players connect to EA’s servers, files remain bugged.

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Madden players who have put huge amounts of time into Franchise mode sounded off in the comment section.

One user said, “No joke, I’ve never seen any game have this many continued issues. I won’t be buying again until it’s playable.”

Another player added, “Incredible that a company who made over $7 billion last year can put out dogsh*t like this.”

One Madden fan said that EA has NFL games hostage, “I’m numb at this point. Football is my favorite sport, so I’m stuck with the evil empire.”

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Clearly, Madden fans are fed up with EA’s inability to release a stable football sim each year and are just hoping an update can restore their save files to their original form.

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