How to claim Madden 21 Prime Gaming rewards (July)

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Madden 21 prime gaming
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EA Sports’ iconic NFL title, Madden, has teamed up with Prime Gaming to bring football fans free monthly rewards to help you tailgate in style. Here’s everything you need to know. 

If there’s one title that’s etched itself into the sports game hall of fame it’s Madden, EA’s NFL-inspired football simulator.

As if being able to take to the field as some of football’s most iconic names wasn’t good enough, EA have partnered up with Prime Gaming to offer those with an Amazon Prime subscription a whole host of exclusive drops and rewards every month.

So, if you’re looking to rep your team and score some new players, then here’s everything you need to do to get set up with your Prime goodies.

madden 21 patrick mahomes
EA Sports
If you’re looking to step into the shoes of Patrick Mahomes, these Prime rewards will help you out.

How to link your EA account to Prime Gaming

Unlike real-life football, thankfully linking your EA account to your Prime Gaming one is pretty painless. Importantly, though, you must have an active Amazon Prime subscription to claim these rewards.

If you’re all good to go on the Amazon side of things, here’s how you go about linking your accounts:

  1. Log into your EA account and scroll down to connections.
  2. Ensure that your EA account is linked to your Amazon Prime account. 
  3. Go to Prime Gaming and sign in on your Prime account.

How to claim your Madden 21 loot

Once your accounts are all linked up, all you need to do is snatch your prizes. Once you’re on the Prime Gaming website:

  1. Scroll down to EA SPORTS Madden NFL 21.
  2. Click your reward and select ‘Claim Now.’
  3. Open Madden 21.
  4. Open ‘Ultimate Team‘ and you should receive a pop-up with your new loot.
    • If you don’t get this notification, go to the ‘Store‘ and select your ‘Unopened Packs.’ The Prime loot will be there for you.
madden prime gaming rewards
Prime Gaming
For fans of Madden’s Ultimate Team, Prime Gaming is going to be a must!

Madden 21 Prime Gaming Rewards (June/July)

As we go into July, players will be able to redeem both June and July’s rewards. June’s, however, will disappear as we delve further into the summer months.

June and July’s rewards are both the same, but considering you’ll be able to access both you’ll get double what’s listed below:

  • 1 Elite Player 80+ OVR.
  • 2x Gold or better players 70+ OVR
  • 3x Silver players 62+ OVR

So that’s it for Prime Gaming’s Madden 21 rewards! Be sure to check back here for all of the latest drops, as well as the ones we’ll likely be seeing accompany Madden 22!

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