Cam Newton upgrade highlights April 2 Madden 19 Ultimate Team Draft promo

. 3 years ago

A new limited-time Draft-themed 99 overall card is available for the next 48 hours for Madden 19 Ultimate Team players, building on another time-sensitive House Rules event which is sure to please the casual fan.

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The brand-new 99 overall card isn’t the only thing that should please fans, however, as the Ultimate Code Pack Challenge rewards were revealed at long last. 

Rather than just being a simple April Fool’s Day joke, players who completed the solo challenges during the allotted time will receive 75,000 coins for the trouble.

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Newton’s latest Madden Ultimate Team upgrade puts him right in line with the likes of Lamar Jackson and Michael Vick in terms of elusive quarterbacks.

Former No. 1 overall pick, Cam Newton, received a highly requested upgrade, improving upon his previous high overall of 93 which was released back at the end of October.

With stock 99 Throw Power and 89 Speed, Newton is essentially a bigger and strong version of Michael Vick or Lamar Jackson – two quarterbacks who have absolutely dominated the meta throughout the entirety of Madden 19.

Given both Jackson (+7) and Vick (+5) boast significantly higher speed numbers, and both QBs have +5 Acceleration over Newton, they are very different items, but there’s something to be said for EA providing different alternatives to one of the most pivotal positions in Madden 19 Ultimate Team.

It’s possible the LTD nature, and by default the lack of accessibility, might make Newton a more sought after item, but it’d be better to view this upgrade as a slightly better Josh Allen NFL Combine card (97 overall) than anything that could completely shake the way a user constructs their team.

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We’ll see if the grass really is greener on the other side in the newest House Rules in Madden Ultimate Team.

Much like Newton, the newest iteration of the now weekly tweak to the head-to-head format (H2H), House Rules, will provide another highly sought after experience, as users will be unable to make audibles, hot routes or move their defensive player prior to the start of the play.

Stock rules were done early on in the House Rules process, but the changes to the winning structure (10 wins as opposed to six straight) and a limit to two-minute quarters should wind up making this a fairly enjoyable H2H experience.

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