Bizzare Madden 22 glitch owns Esfand and ruins Super Bowl hopes

esfand madden 22 blue shirtEsfand/ EA SPORTS

Twitch star and OTK member Esfand was broadcasting Madden 22 when he encountered a game-breaking bug that interrupted a miracle play.

Esfand is a die-hard football fan, and one of the most popular Madden streamers on Twitch.

He even struck a deal with the NFL during the 2021-2022 season to live view games on his channel.

The OTK personality hadn’t streamed the sport’s title in months, but his return to the game brought one of the funniest moments in his whole Madden career.

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Esfand has over 1 million followers on Twitch.

Esfand betrayed by Madden 22

The streamer was live on March 29 when he picked up his Houston Texans franchise mode.

During a game against the Cleveland Browns, the 30-year-old attempted a fake field goal in order to make a first down in a game that decided who would make the Super Bowl.

The call was ambitious, as fake plays hold an incredibly high risk. “I’m going for it!” Esfand shouted as his placeholder completed a pass to a receiver.

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As the receiver got tackled, he tossed it up in the air to avoid a dead play, where a lineman caught it and kept the play alive in a near act of divine intervention. The only problem was that the lineman glitched and got stuck in place, turning the play from a miracle into a disaster.

Esfand shouted in complete disbelief, “No! Why did he get stuck! He was gone! That would’ve been legendary, dude.”

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His chat could not believe the game he’s poured so much into betrayed him in such epic fashion with one viewer saying, “WTF is this game.”

Unlucky for him, Esfand’s Texans went on to lose the match in a nailbiter and miss out on their first Super Bowl appearance.

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