Best defense in Madden 22: Patriots, Vikings, more

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When duking it out with one another on MUT, you’re bound to run up against some pesky players who are masters on the offensive side of the ball. This is why you’re going to want to use the best defense in Madden 22.

The NFL season is now ongoing and we’ve seen some dramatic finishes between some of the league’s best teams. But when the games aren’t on, jumping into this year’s iteration of Madden is a great way to replicate some of the action.

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One of the premier modes in Madden 22 is MUT (Madden Ultimate Team,) and you’re going to need to strategize your gameplay every time before you jump into a game.

Players often struggle on the defensive side of the ball, but there’s some defenses that are going to be stellar for every situation.

We’re going to run over the best defense to use in Madden 22.


Best defenses to use in Madden 22

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NFL fans will know how disruptive the Bucs defense was last year.

There’s a wide array of defensive schemes you’ll be able to pick and choose from while setting up your game plan in Madden 22. But some teams actually have some impressive playbooks that you’ll be able to obtain when jumping in.

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We’re going to break down some of the NFL’s best defenses that players will be able to replicate with their playbooks in Madden 22, along with the schemes they primarily use.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The reigning Super Bowl Champions, the Buccaneers were touted as having one of the most electrifying defensives in recent memory. They use a 3-4/4-4 scheme which should consistently apply pressure to the opposing QB, giving them little time in the pocket to make a pass.

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If you have explosive edge rushers on your squad, then this defense is one of the best to use in Madden 22.

New England Patriots

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The Pats are looking to bounce back this season with their presence on defense.

The Patriots use a balanced scheme in Madden 22, meaning they don’t specifically specialize in one style of play. But instead, they’ll be a great playbook to use to always have your enemies on your toes.

You’ll be able to effectively rush the QB with a prolific blitz, and you’ll also be adequate in dropping back and protecting the long ball.

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Minnesota Vikings

Last but not least, the Vikings deeply a heavy 4-3 scheme most of the time, which is tricky to get grips with at first glance. But, it can provide dividends in the long haul, as like the Buc’s the QB will feel rather uncomfortable at all times while in the pocket.

While you’re getting your Madden 22 playbooks set up, be sure to check out some of the other Madden content we have available to you down below.

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