Shroud explains why “nobody cares” about watching streamers play Lost Ark

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Shroud explained why only a few streamers are able to hold the same number of viewers Lost Ark once had and why “nobody cares” about the content.

Lost Ark was released on February 11, 2022, to critical acclaim and a massive viewership. Asmongold even returned to his main Twitch channel to play the game’s early access after taking time away last year.

The MMO even became Steam’s second-most-popular game with 1.3 concurrent players. But as the launch hype died down, so did the number of viewers and players.

Only massively successful streamers like Asmongold and shroud are able to pull in tens of thousands of viewers while playing Lost Ark. And shroud explained why it’s hard to maintain viewers while playing MMOs.

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Lost Ark released to an astronomical number of viewers on Twitch in February 2022.

Shroud says “nobody cares” about MMO content

While shroud was streaming Lost Ark, his viewers asked who he watches on Twitch. He stated that he usually watches people who are playing the same games he is into at the time. He recently expressed that he is addicted to Lost Ark.

But he also explained that he isn’t watching Lost Ark for the gameplay, rather the personality streaming. “It all comes down to talking. Nobody cares about the actual content of MMOs. They don’t give a f**k,” he said.

He went on to state that MMO streamers have to be good at talking to retain their audience. He pointed to streamers like Asmongold and Rich who are interesting to watch because they constantly talk while playing MMOs.

“For me, MMOs are my escape. I just chill and enjoy my time. They’re casual and laid back,” shroud said, “But if you mix casual and laid back on a stream, nobody cares about that stream.”

That’s not to say there isn’t still a market for Lost Ark content. The game regularly has over 100k concurrent viewers on Twitch, and shroud still pulls almost 20k viewers per stream even while clicking on doors.

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