Lost Ark Rowen Continent, Tulubik Battlefield, Classes and more

lost ark rowen

Lost Ark’s once-forgotten continent of Rowen will introduce massive 48v48 PvP battles with the Tulubik Battlefield in the upcoming patch as well as the Artist class, expanding the exciting content available on Rowen.

Lost Ark’s Rowen continent is receiving a huge amount of new content in March as faction tensions have reached a breaking point with the 96-player Tulubik Battlefield coming to Arkesia.

With bigger battles than ever before and countless rewards to earn, the 48v48 matches will offer a PvP experience like no other.

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Not only that, the Artist class will finally be coming to the game and will offer a supportive hand to her teammates, rescuing them from peril with her illusion powers.

So, without further ado, let’s break down everything Rowen has to offer and how you can access the continent.

Rowen Continent factionsAmazon Games
Two factions will go to war in the Rowen Continent.

How to Access the Rowen Continent in Lost Ark

Once you’ve reached an item level of 1445 you’ll be able to access the Rowen Continent. Simply sail over and you’ll begin the new adventure.

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Then, choose a faction, prepare your character, and head into this brand-new continent.

When you head into Rowen you’ll be able to work towards some fantastic rewards which include:

  • Offense Battle Item Selection Chest
  • Masterpiece #56
  • Innea Token
  • Emote: Drinking Tea
  • Structure: Taratunian Origin Tree
  • Tiroc Fruit

These rewards will aid you on your quest through Lost Ark and are mostly exclusive to the continent.

How to earn Symael Crystals in Rowen Continent

Symael Crystals are a crimson-colored precious resource on Rowen that players can collect and exchange for rewards.

Completing activities across the continent will provide you with this currency and alongside leveling up your faction rank, you’ll gain access to exclusive and valuable rewards. You can check out the list of available rewards below:

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  • Random Rowen Collectible Chest
  • Kottbulle Dish
  • Sylmael Honing Packs
  • Sylmael Honing Support Material Pack
  • Song of Wolves
  • Victory Dance Emote
  • Legendary Combat Engraving Recipe Selection Chest
  • Rowen-Style Schnapps
  • Osphere Emoticon Pack
  • Legendary Card Pack Selection Chest
  • Legendary Combat Engraving Recipe Selection Chest
  • Hero’s Reward Chest
  • Storhorn Mount Chest
  • Great Epic Reward Chest
  • Grerat Dominion’s Reward Chest
  • Great Legend’s Reward Chest
  • Rowen Card Pack
  • Honor Shard Pouch
  • Great Honor Leapstone
  • Marvelous Honor Leapstone
  • Crystallized Destruction Stone
  • Obliteration Stone
  • Crystallized Guardian Stone
  • Protection Stone
  • Ancient Platinum Coin
lost ark factionsAmazon Games
The Rowen Continent is locked in a bitter civil war.

Rowen Continent PvP: Preigelli and Liebertane factions

There are two different factions you can side with when stepping into the Rowen continent. Players of the opposing faction will be available to battle and doing so will earn you rewards.

The first is the Preigelli faction and the second is the Liebertane faction. Each has their own beliefs and morals so it’s up to you to choose which faction you want to be a part of. We’ve detailed the two factions below.

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What is the Preigelli faction?

The Preigelli faction is relatively impeccable in its morals. They believe that the chaos of Rowen was due to its indulgences and think that, with the right order, rules, and enforcement Rowen can once be restored to its full potential.

What is the Liebertane faction?

The Liebertane faction essentially stands for everything the Preigelli faction doesn’t. They believe that the chaos in Rowen was owed to the countless strict rules and restrictions, limiting freedom, expression, and passion

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Their belief is that such freedom and passion should embody Rowen, with the rule to simply take as much as you can out of this continent

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Which faction should you choose?

Ultimately, the faction you choose is up to you. It’s worth weighing up your character’s stand on the world and promoting what you believe to be the right way to help Rowen.

It’s worth noting that you can change your faction once per week, so there’s no need to panic if you want to shift your allegiance. Not only that, your progress for one faction does carry over if you decide to switch.

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New Artist Class

Along with the introduction of the Rowen Continent, a brand new class coming to Arkesia, and it’s perfect for traversing the tricky PvP you’ll likely encounter on your travels.

The Artist class is a tactical character, focusing on illusion and support through her magical brush. She’s a vital member of any PvP or PvE party and is also the first of a brand new class category, otherwise known as Specialists.

Rowen continentAmazon Games
The Rowen Continent is a major update making now an ideal time to jump into Lost Ark.

Tulubik Battlefield

The 96-player Tulubik Battlefield is coming to Lost Ark’s Rowen in March and takes faction-based warfare to the next level. With 48v48 matches that task teams with capturing bases, taking down opponents, and even materializing a powerful spirit knight, the goal is to harness more Magick than the opposing faction to take control of the battlefield and win.

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After the final sliver of Magick is obtained and the battle has been decided, you’ll earn rewards such as Faction XP and Sylmael Crystals based on your performance.

You need to be Faction Rank 3 and Item Level 1490 to enter Tulubik Battlefield. It’s worth noting as well that both Factions will only engage in war during certain times of the week, so keep an eye out for in-game announcements.

Finally, this will give players who are learning the Artist class a brilliant opportunity to test out their abilities in the PvP setting. The Artist’s array of supportive skills will be essential on the Tulubik Battlefield for keeping allies out of danger and giving your team the upper hand.

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What classes should you take into Rowen?

Naturally, you’ll want to bring a balance of damage, support, and healing to keep yourself and your group alive. 

So, with that in mind, we recommend bringing the Mage, the new Artist Class, a support and damage class like the versatile Machinist, or another damage class like the deadly Deathblade Assassin.

However, what you bring into the brand-new Continent is entirely up to you. It’s worth heading in with your favorite class and seeing how it performs among other players. Then simply adapt as you go and learn which setup works best for you.

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So, that’s everything you need to know about the Rowen Continent in Lost Ark including how to gain access, everything about the factions, and how to get those handy Symael Crystals. For more information on Lost Ark check out our hub, or take a look at what’s coming to the game in 2023.