Lost Ark players frustrated with “game-breaking” new loot bug ruining raids

. 1 month ago
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A new “game-breaking” loot-based bug has frustrated Lost Ark players trying to take on the newly introduced Valtan Raid by barring their progress completely.

Following Lost Ark’s May 19 patch update, dozens of players have experienced the same problem while playing the game’s new content.

The bug in question causes loot and elements of the UI can get stuck to a player’s cursor, making it impossible to click anything in-game.

Though the issue appears to be relatively small it essentially renders the game unplayable while it’s in effect.

Lost Ark’s recent “game-breaking” bug frustrates players

The clip, posted by Reddit user Sagezu, took place while they were taking on Lost Ark’s new Valtan Legion Raid.

Valtan from Lost Ark
Valtan introduced the first Legion Raid to the western versions of Lost Ark on May 19.

In the clip, Sagezu is trying to click on various elements of Lost Ark but is unable to do so as an Elemental HP Potion is stuck to their cursor.

While they’re was able to open up menus using key bindings, they were completely unable to interact with any in-game buttons like chat or even quit out of the game.

Being an MMO, Lost Ark’s action continued on in the background while Sagezu was unable to do anything to correct the issue, completely halting any progression.

Sagezu said the bug “ruined the whole raid” as they could not fix the problem during the most crucial moments.

The post got over 400 upvotes in just one day, with 172 comments from people sharing similar experiences.

The top comment on the post at the time of writing read, “This happened to me too in town with a random item as well. That’s very annoying.”

Other unfortunate players expressed experiencing the same problem both in and out of raids.

Some Reddit users have offered solutions they’ve found success with, with Reddit user “italianssss” suggesting that “If you click Menu in the bottom right, go to character to selection screen, and log back in to your character, it is fixed.” Still, some have had mixed results from most of the methods shared.

With any luck, the development team behind Lost Ark can smooth out this debilitating bug before too long so Lost Ark’s playerbase can go back to enjoying the game’s new content.

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