Lost Ark June 30 update patch notes: New Raids, Dungeons, Cosmetics and more

Eleni Thomas
Lost Ark June Update Feature Image

Lost Ark’s June 30 update is on its way, and with it comes new content for players to sink their teeth into. While the full patch notes are yet to be released, here’s all that’s been revealed about the upcoming The Wrath of the Covetous Legion update. 

Initially planned to release at the beginning of the month, Lost Ark devs delayed the June update to the end of the month as a way to ensure all new content was polished and ready to go.

While the May 2022 update, Destined For Destruction, introduced a new advanced class to the game, it’s first Legion raid and much more. Given how well received this last update was by fans, anticipation is high for the new June update.

Here’s everything that has been released so far about the Wrath of the Covetous Legion update and when it will be available.

game art for boss fights in Lost Ark
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Get ready for plenty of new content in Lost Ark’s June update.

When is Lost Ark’s June update?

The Wrath of the Coventuous Legion June update will go live on June 30, 2022.

In their most recent team update, the devs explained that ​​”while we originally hoped to release the June update earlier in the month, a few factors played into the update moving to the end of the month.”

As a way to say thank you for fan patience and support, additional content will be made available to players. For the full release notes, players will have to wait until June 29.

What’s changing in Lost Ark’s June update?

New Legion Raid, Guardian Raid and Solo Dungeon incoming 

Lost Ark June 30 Legion Raid still
Lost Ark’s June update will feature a brand new Legion Raid.

A big chunk of the June 30 update for Lost Ark will center around the brand new Legion and Guardian raids that are being released, in addition to the new Thronespire dungeon solo experience.

Dubbed the “most difficult Legion raid to date”, players will have the chance to take on the demon Vykas in the brand new eight-player Legion raid. 

They will also be able to take on the Guardian Kungelanium, also known as the Frost Predator, on a new Guardian raid. Guardian Slayers with a 1460+ Item Level will be able to battle this foe in the new level 6 Guardian Raid.

Lost Ark June 30 update Guardian raid image
The June update will also feature a new level 6 Guardian raid for players to dive into.

Lastly, players will soon be able to test and hone their skills, with the Thronespire dungeon a new solo experience.

This single player content will offer up 50 levels for players to battle their way through, with each level filled with demons that will get increasingly harder as the player journey’s through.

Lost Ark June 30 update Dungeon Image
A new solo experience will be coming to the Lost Ark with the June update as well.

Yoz’s Jar no longer dropping in June update

Originally, the plan was for the brand new cosmetic system, Yoz’s Jar, to launch as a part of the June update. However, after the system breakdown and initial description was met with criticism by fans, Lost Ark devs have decided to hold back on its release and reevaluate the system altogether.

In their latest update, the Lost Ark team said “after taking another look at the system’s design and listening to player feedback, we’ve decided to remove Yoz’s Jar.”

“Flexibility and fairness to players have always been driving forces in the partnership between our teams as we work to ensure that players are able to enjoy and play Lost Ark however they see fit.”

Thank you gifts and store add-ons coming as well

Lost Ark players will be receiving some additional bonuses when the June 30 update drops as a way for the devs to say thank you for player support and patience with the updates delay.

Firstly, players will receive a Mokoko Skin Selection Chest. This will be available for download as soon as the update launches on June 30.

Lost Ark June 30 update Mokiko Skin image
Players will be able to choose one of the Mokiko skins to unlock for free

The second gift will be a Growth Support Pack and will be available to all players. The pack will contain the following items:

  • Destruction Stone Selection Pouch x5
    • Tier 1: Destruction Stone Fragment (Bound) x1000
    • Tier 2: Destruction Stone (Bound) x1000
    • Tier 3: Destruction Stone Crystal (Bound) x200
  • Guardian Stone Selection Pouch x12
    • Tier 1: Guardian Stone Fragment (Bound) x1000
    • Tier 2: Guardian Stone (Bound) x1000
    • Tier 3: Guardian Stone Crystal x200
  • Honing Shard Selection Chest x10
    • Tier 1: Harmony Shard Pouch (L) x3
    • Tier 2: Life Shard Pouch (L) x3
    • Tier 3: Honor Shard Pouch (L) x1

In regards to store add-ons, the Shadow of Stern collection and the Umar collection will be the latest cosmetics to be added to the in-game store.

Lost Ark June 30 update cosmetics image
The new Shadow of Stern and Umar collection’s will be added to the store for purchase

Growth Support Packs containing honing materials will also be added to the store with each pack being made available for around a month and with a purchase limit of one per customer.

For all the details about the upcoming Wrath of the Covetuous Legion, stay tuned for the full patch notes on June 29.