Lost Ark devs confirm punishment for duplicate Founder’s Packs exploiters

Lauren Bergin
lost ark gold founder's pack
Smilegate RPG

Lost Ark may be free to play, but in the run-up to launch players could purchase Founder’s Packs for early access. Unfortunately, a glitch has led to these being duped, but Smilegate are on the case.

As the shores of Arkesia are finally thrown open to the wider free-to-play audience, Smilegate have faced some issues with Lost Ark‘s coveted Founder’s Packs.

These limited edition items granted players early access and a slew of goodies upon purchase, with the Platinum Tier pack (the highest of them all) costing a whopping $100.

It turns out that players have been taking advantage of an in-game exploit that allows you to duplicate both Founder’s Pack and Twitch drops from ongoing campaigns, but Smilegate are already on the case and looking to crack down on those caught duping.

lost ark platinum founder's pack
Smilegate RPG
The Platinum Founder’s Pack is the highest tier, costing $100 and containing a whole host of goodies.

Lost Ark devs fixing Founder’s Pack & Twitch drop exploit

Following a fan-made petition demanding action from Amazon Games over the glitch, Smilegate and Amazon have confirmed they’re currently on the case.

One of Lost Ark’s devs, Roxx, states on the game’s official forum “yesterday, a database timeout led to multiple claims of Founder’s Packs and Twitch Drops for some players. This affected less than 4% of all accounts, with the majority of these players only redeeming 1-2 extra items, which did not include any additional Royal Crystals.”

“We worked quickly to deploy a fix that has prevented additional items from being created, and are currently working with Smilegate RPG to revoke the items that were created during the period that this occurred. We expect this fix to come later today, as it is a priority for the team to keep the in-game economy intact.”

At the moment Smilegate have not confirmed whether or not a fix has been implemented for the issue, but have noted that players who join low population servers will receive another Founder’s Pack to use when numbers start to dwindle.

While the issue is pretty inconvenient for those who dropped some cash on the game, hopefully, Smilegate’s fix will come through relatively quickly and even out the game’s economic balance.

Until then, though, be sure to check out our Lost Ark page for all of the latest news, guides, and character builds.