Lost Ark dev responds to PS5 & Xbox players wanting game on console

lost ark console mmoSmilegate RPG

Amazon Games responded to Lost Ark fans wondering about an Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 console port for the MMO by saying it was a possibility – if players want it enough.

The Western launch of Lost Ark has been a massive success, with over 1.3 million players accessing the game shortly after its wider release on Steam alone. The hype that carried over after launch made huge streamers like Asmongold break viewer records for days on end.

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As more players become aware of Smilegate RPG’s MMO, there’s been lingering questions as to whether or not the studio would be ready to make the leap over to consoles.

Amazon and Smilegate have captured the attention of the West’s PC audiences, and it’ll be up to fans to determine if the PlayStation and Xbox players get to join in the fun.

lost ark gameplaySmilegate RPG
Lost Ark had a successful western release. Now we’ll see if it comes to console.

Lost Ark on PlayStation or Xbox?

Amazon Games Franchise Leader for Lost Ark, Soomin Park, told VG247 that a Lost Ark console version could be a possibility if they see the demand.

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“If Lost Ark on consoles is something that fans really want, then I think it’s something both parties would consider,” Park said.

In the same interview, Park explained how Amazon Games simply has publishing rights for Lost Ark in the West. Previously, Smilegate had only launched the game in Russia and South Korea until Amazon lent its services for a broader release.

Since Smilegate still owns the Lost Ark IP, a console port would be a project that both dev and publisher can tackle together.

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lost ark playersAmazon Games
Players have a chance to convince the Lost Ark devs to get a proper console port.

This is a much more optimistic take than Lost Ark’s FAQ that simply answers the question “will [Lost Ark] only be on PC” with: “yes, Lost Ark will only be available on PC.”

Plenty of MMOs like DC Universe Online, Final Fantasy XIV, Black Desert, and more have survived on console just fine.

Lost Ark shares the same gameplay with many other titles that have been released on console, like the Diablo franchise, so with some creativity, it could be a doable port – the devs just need to see if there’s enough fan support to take on the challenge.

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