Lost Ark April & May roadmap revealed: new classes, areas, raids, more

lost-ark-april-may-roadmapSmilegate RPG

Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG revealed Lost Ark’s roadmap for April & May, and it includes two new classes, two new raids, a new continent, and more. Here’s everything you need to know.

Since bursting onto the Western scene in February 2021, Lost Ark has become one of the most popular MMOs. It’s even been praised by streamers with ample experience playing MMOs, including Asmongold and shroud.

It hasn’t been without its flaws. Most notably, there are some concerns about ‘pay-to-win’ elements plaguing the game. Still, it’s continued to be a smash hit, and it’s retaining players by keeping new content rolling on.

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To keep the momentum going, Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG revealed the roadmap for April & May, and it includes a good chunk of new content, including new classes and raids, a new continent, and more.

lost ark ship sails towards mountainsSmilegate RPG
Lost Ark is sailing ahead with plenty of new content in the works!

New Lost Ark Classes

First and foremost, two new classes are on the cards; Glavier and Destroyer.

The former is a Martial Artist Advanced Class, while the latter is a Warrior Advanced class. Let’s take a look at them in more detail.

New Martial Artist Advanced Class – Glavier

The Glavier uses an “artistic and deadly” form of martial arts while wielding a spear and a glaive to “slice and dice” their way through the battlefield. Players can swap between two stances and skills sets, Focus and Flurry.

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Focus revolves around dealing lethal strikes and sweeping attacks with the glaive, while Flurry is more about unleashing a barrage of attacks using the spear. You can focus on one or the other. However, you can also find a balance between the two.

lost-ark-new-class-glavier-roadmapSmilegate RPG
The Glavier class a spear and glaive to weave attacks together.

New Warrior Advanced Class – Destroyer

The Destroyer is a tanky class that wreaks havoc on enemies using a mighty hammer. The concept behind it is all about charging into battle and crushing foes using a combination of slows, launches pushes, and pulls.

lost-ark-new-class-destroyer-roadmapSmilegate RPG
The Destroyer uses a hammer to crush foes.

New Lost Ark Raids

New Guardian Raid – Deskaluda

In May, Lost Ark players will be able to take on Deskaluda in a new Guardian Raid. It’s not the easiest task. In fact, it requires an item level of 1415 to even stand a chance. However, it can be done solo, in a party, or via matchmaking.

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lost-ark-new-raid-deskaluda-roadmapSmilegate RPG
Deskaluda is one of the most powerful Guardians in Arkesia.

New Legion Raid – Valtan (Normal & Hard)

The first Legion Raid, Valtan, is also making its way to Lost Ark. Smilegate RPG described it as an extremely difficult eight-player raid that requires a significant amount of teamwork and strategy to overcome.

To make things easier, it also includes checkpoints that save a player’s progress throughout the raid. However, players will need to have an item level greater than 1415 to even come close to having a shot at completing it.

lost-ark-new-raid-valtan-roadmapSmilegate RPG
Legion Raids are more difficult than standard ones.

New Lost Ark Continent

The developers also revealed the addition of a new Tier 3 continent named South Vern.

It’s riddled with new characters, encounters, and quests, but is only accessible to players with an item level higher than 1340.

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lost-ark-new-continent-south-vern-roadmapSmilegate RPG
The settlers of South Vern turned barren into green pastures.

General Updates

Last but not least, the roadmap also included a slew of general updates that are particularly focused on quality-of-life improvements. Here’s a list of them all:


  • Improved co-op party play for Secret Maps: all four members can submit a map to get rewards with one run.
  • Chat tab settings are shared across a player’s Roster.
  • Improved Book of Coordination settings: Can use skill presets, tripod level, skill runes, gems, item set effects, etc.


  • Ability to check daily & weekly content participation in a new menu
  • UI updates
  • Improved party finder & party invites
  • Updated loot dismantling
  • Convenience features for Market/Auction House

That just about sums up everything mentioned in Lost Ark’s April & May roadmap. Players will have plenty of new content to sink their teeth into in the coming weeks and months, which will likely keep them hooked!