How to beat Lost Ark Aurion boss: Location, item level & spawn rate

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Aurion is one of Lost Ark‘s powerful Field Bosses, meaning that taking it down isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Here’s a rundown of how to beat Aurion, as well as where it spawns and the item level required to challenge it.

While there’s a whole plethora of dungeons, raids, and PvP content to keep you busy in Lost Ark, defeating the most powerful foes in the game has a certain allure to it.

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From Field Bosses like the Chaotic Chuo to Moake, to Guardian Raids like Achates; there’s a whole slew of creatures just waiting to take a chunk out of your hero or heroine – unless you fell them first, of course.

The former, however, are some of Arkesia’s toughest terrors, with Aurion being one of the deadliest enemies players will be pitted against. So, here’s Aurion’s location in Lost Ark, as well as how to beat it and the item level (iLevel) you’ll require to challenge it.

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lost ark players fighting field boss aurionSmilegate RPG
Rising from the depths, Aurion is out to test your mettle.

Lost Ark Aurion: Location & spawn rate

Aurion spawns on the tiny island paradise of Wildwater Island, located at the heart of the Whispering Sea. The quickest way to get there is to set sail from Crescent Moon Marina on Rethramis northwestern coast.

As Aurion is a Field Boss, its spawn rate is relatively low. In order to double check when it spawns next, use your Calendar on the top left of the screen to check when this fearsome elemental will rear its head once more.

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lost ark aurion world boss
Aurion makes its home on Wildwater Island, just off the coast of Rethramis.

Lost Ark Aurion: Item level (iLevel) requirement

In order to take on Aurion, we recommend that you have an Item Level of 1385, although you can attack the boss with an iLevel of 1325.

To achieve an iLevel of 1385, you’ll need a Tier 3 gear set, with each piece being upgraded at least three times.

How to beat Aurion in Lost Ark

In order to take down Aurion, you’ll need to know what to look out for. A master of all things AoE, its abilities are largely focused on wiping squads in one hit and dragging them down into the depths.

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After 15 minutes the boss enters Berserk mode, where he will gain movement speed and attack damage. In order to ensure this happens, you’ll need all of the DPS you can get to take it down quickly.

Below are all of its attacks, what they do, and how to counter them:

Attack What it does Counter
AoE Blast Aurion charges up and unleashes a circular AoE blast around it Dodge out of the red AoE marker
Charge Aurion charges in a straight line No marker appears, so you’ll need to keep an eye to see if he gets ready to charge
Wave Roll Aurion summons waves that consume the battlefield Dodge away from the waves, or cling to the shore to avoid them. You can also block them with shielding abilities from your Bard or Paladin
Water Geyser Random plumes of water will burst out of the ground There are no markers for these, so unfortunately you’ll just need to try and dodge them
Waterball Boomerang Aurion shoots out a ball of water directly at a player, which then returns to him and continues to deal damage The first hit is pretty much impossible to dodge, but ensure that you don’t stay in the same place so that it doesn’t hit you on the way back.
Crashing Water Ring Aurion pushes out an AoE energy attack, whose energy is delayed. The attack then pulses for a few seconds. This engulfs almost the entire island if he’s in the center of it, so try and keep to the shoreline


Aurion’s most important reward is the Wildwater Island Soul, one of the many Island Souls that are up for grabs.

Aside from this, there’s a slew of other rewards available, but remember these drop at random, so you’ll need to defeat Aurion multiple times if you’re looking to claim them all:

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  • Forbidden Time Necklace
  • Forbidden Time Earring
  • Forbidden Time Ring
  • Forbidden Space Earring
  • Forbidden Space Ring
  • Destruction Stone Crystal
  • Guardian Stone Crystal
  • Solar Grace
  • Solar Blessing
  • Solar Protection
  • Tier 3 Epic Ability Stone
  • Level 1 Annihilation Gem
  • Level 1 Crimson Flame Gem
  • Rare XP Card
  • Legendary Bleed Skill Rune

So that’s everything you need to know about Aurion in Lost Ark; from its location, spawn rate, and item level to how to beat it and the rewards it’ll net you.

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