How to get Threaten Emote in Lost Ark: Location & Island Souls

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Looking to bully the competition into submission using Lost Ark‘s Threaten Emote? Here’s how to get it in-game.

As with every MMORPG, Lost Ark has swathes of content for players to unlock, scattering them across the ever-expanding world of Arkesia in search of priceless artefacts and collectables.

One of the hottest commodities in the game are Island Souls, collected by the defeating bosses on some of the many islands. These can be exchanged for countless different treasures, allowing you to add a whole host of items to your arsenal.

The Threaten Emote is one of these and is perfect for flexing after a well-earned win in the PvP Proving Grounds. But just how do you get the Threaten Emote in Lost Ark? Here’s everything you need to now.

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At the heart of every island lies the Island Soul, some of Lost Ark’s most sought-after items.

How to unlock Lost Ark Threaten Emote

In order to unlock the Threaten Emote you’ll need 10 Island Souls. These are obtained via random drop by defeating bosses on different islands, with 95 locations offering Island Souls – including the Tranquil Isle where you can also pick up Requiem of Twilight song.

Once you’ve collected these:

  1. Head to Opher, The Lonely Isle
  2. Speak to Grandpa Opher
  3. Exchange your 10 Island Souls for the Emote: Threaten book
  4. Bring up your Inventory
  5. Activate the item (bound to right click)
  6. You can now threaten people; great!
    • Emotes are default bound to ‘X’ or ‘Y’, or you can type /threaten in the chat

So that’s how to unlock the Threaten Emote in Lost Ark and use it to terrify anyone who dares to cross your path.

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