Elden Ring release could give Lost Ark players a huge boost on queue times

Lawrence Scotti
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Smilegate RPG/FromSoftware

Lost Ark fans were thrilled to see Elden Ring release as the newest FromSoftware title has drawn attention away from the MMO, with the hopes that Lost Ark queue times will shorten.

Lost Ark was released on February 8 as one of the most popular Steam games of all time, and one of the biggest MMO launches ever.

The game has maintained a steady amount of players since launch but continues to experience incredibly long queue times, especially for players on European servers.

With the launch of Elden Ring on February 25, Lost Ark players rejoiced as the title drew gamers’ attention away from the MMO.

lost ark ship sails towards arkesia
Smilegate / Amazon Games
Lost Ark is developed by Smilegate RPG.

Lost Ark players rejoice Elden Rings release

A post by user Bbennni went viral on the Lost Ark subreddit which had an incredible meme attached explaining Lost Ark player’s excitement for Elden Ring.

Bbennni’s meme shows that while the new World of Warcraft 9.2 patch couldn’t alleviate Lost Ark’s queue times, Elden Ring surely could hold the power to do so.

One user commented to not get their hopes up over Elden Ring solving Lost Ark queue problems and to prepare for the worst-case scenario.

“Right now it’s 770k Lost Ark, 750k Elden Ring. They’re not fighting each other. They’re combining into an even more terrifying monstrosity.”

Elden Ring rivaled Lost Ark’s player count on day one, but it looks like the two games are sharing the same player base meaning queue times might not be fixed just yet.

Another user commented that Elden Ring’s release did actually lower their queue time, “Well queues went from 15k to 9k. I will take that.”

Regardless of Elden Ring’s release, Lost Ark players are hoping Smilegate RPG has fixes incoming for continual server issues.