Asmongold urges Lost Ark players who don’t like grinding to “move on”

asmongold-lost-ark-grind-move-onSmilegate RPG / Twitch: Asmongold

Asmongold urged Lost Ark players who don’t enjoy the ‘grindy’ nature of the game to “move on,” claiming it might not be the right option for them and to play something else instead.

Asmon has been one of the most vocal streamers about Lost Ark. He enjoys the game and thinks it has the potential to remain popular even after the hype dies down but has openly criticized its pay-to-win issues.

However, others are less inclined. xQc and Summit1G slammed the ‘grindy’ nature of the game when it first released, and other players — particularly those who don’t spend a dime, are expressing the same concern, too.

Asmon believes people who feel that way should simply “move on,” explaining that grinding is an inherent part of Lost Ark and other MMOs, and there’s no point in playing it if you don’t enjoy that aspect.

lost ark character on a ship looks out to seaSmilegate
Lost Ark can be a bit of a grind for players who don’t invest a dime.

“If you don’t like grinding for content and you don’t like those types of progression cycles, maybe playing an MMO isn’t the right option for you,” said Asmon.

“Whenever you play an MMO, there will be parts of the game that you don’t necessarily enjoy. There are always going to be things that are not ideal.

“But what I will tell you is that if you are spending most of your time doing something that you actively don’t enjoy… just stop doing this to yourself. Stop making this part of your life. Move on and do something that you enjoy.”

According to SteamCharts, Lost Ark’s player base has tanked quite a bit in recent months.

The average amount of concurrent players dropped from 700,000 to 450,000 between February and March, and it’s down to 350,000 in April.

It seems like a good chunk of players are taking his advice and moving on, but there’s a good chance some will return after hearing about the latest roadmap, which includes new classes, raids, locations, and more.