Asmongold explains why Twitch stars should stream WoW instead of Lost Ark

asmongold-wow-lost-ark-twitch-streamersBlizzard / Twitch: Asmongold

Asmongold believes World of Warcraft could be a better fit for Twitch streamers who aren’t vibing with Lost Ark, claiming it’s the ultimate “chill” game for producing content.

Lost Ark’s popularity has been soaring since its early access period began on February 7 — not only in terms of player count but viewership numbers on Twitch too. That doesn’t mean it’s the perfect for everyone, though.

Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar revealed he wasn’t a huge fan of its gameplay, particularly the leveling grind. He also tweeted about it, saying he doesn’t know if it’s for him. Asmon responded by recommending WoW instead.

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Lost Ark has taken the world by storm since early access began on February 7.

“I’m feeling weird,” said Summit1g. “Lost Ark isn’t bad, just dunno if it’s for me. I wanna take a crack at retail WoW and have chat be kinda involved with the decisions on it.” This includes build, class, where to level, and more.

Asmon chimed in with words of encouragement that can be applied to all streamers. “Retail WoW is the ultimate “chill” game,” he said. “You can literally f**k around for the entire day and never run out of content.”

Despite his comments, Asmon has had a blast streaming Lost Ark so far. In fact, the first Lost Ark stream he did broke his all-time viewership record. It happened again several days later, too. So, the interest is there.

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However, that doesn’t take anything away from what he said — especially for streamers who aren’t vibing with Lost Ark. He believes World of Warcraft is a gold mine for content, and his past streams are a testament to that.