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Asmongold slams Lost Ark’s “shameless” battle pass and “dumb” players buying it

Published: 15/Apr/2022 17:12

by James Busby


Asmongold has hit out at Lost Ark claiming that the game’s leaked battle pass is “shameless” when it comes to monetization. 

Lost Ark has received a lot of praise from MMO players since its arrival, but there are aspects of the game that players have gripes with. Like most multiplayer games, Lost Ark features a number of microtransactions, which players can purchase to acquire various in-game items. 

These range from character cosmetics to experience boosts that speed up the grinding process. While none of these drastically impact gameplay, they don’t always go down well with the community. 

The latest addition that is receiving flak is the leaked Lost Ark battle pass, which Asmongold has been keen to point out how ridiculous it is when it comes to the game’s monetization system. 


Asmongold calls out Lost Ark battle pass

While it’s not uncommon for multiplayer games to include a battle pass, the leaked Lost Ark version enables players to spend blue crystals in order to level it up quicker. YouTuber Sywo notes that this progress bar can be leveled up with crystals up to five times a day, which can make for an incredibly expensive timesaver. 

This means those that don’t wish to complete the tasks or don’t have the time to do so can simply chuck money at the problem. It was clear that Asmongold was shocked by this decision. “You pay money to get the rewards from the thing that you paid money for? I don’t understand how anyone could be dumb enough… Oh my god.” 


Quite whether the developers will change this aspect of the battle pass when it arrives in the western version of the game remains to be seen, but for now, the community will have to wait and see what the future brings. 

In the meantime, be sure to check out our Lost Ark page for all the latest news and guides.

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