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Legends of Runeterra

New Legends of Runeterra Ionia combo can wipe boards in just one turn

Published: 5/Feb/2020 4:23

by Brad Norton


Legends of Runeterra has been available in Open Beta for a few days, but players have already set about crafting insane wombo-combo decks, including one board-sweeping strategy with an Ionia and Freljord deck.

While many popular Runeterra decks focus on pushing the pace in the early-game or methodically controlling the board in the late-game, certain combinations go against the grain and topple all preconceived strategies. 

Rather than building out a stacked board of your own with a number of powerful units, a combination involving the Karma Champion card can completely offset your opponent’s momentum in the blink of an eye.


Legends of Runeterra Poro artwork
Riot Games
Adorable Poro’s might want to watch out for this devastating combo.

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A powerful five-cost Champion, Karma serves two different purposes in any matchup. As your mana pool continues to grow, Karma will generate a random spell card in your end. However, once you’re Enlightened and reach a total of 10 mana, she levels up and becomes even more powerful.

“When you play a spell, cast it again on the same targets,” the text of an evolved Karma reads. While it specifies targets, spells without any form of direction are also doubled. From card draw to healing spells, the Champion effect can come in handy throughout a number of situations.


One devastating combo comes when utilizing the Demacian Judgment spell. An extremely steep cost for a spell, the eight mana Epic allows one unit to strike all enemy combatants. When partnered with an active Karma, your opponent’s board will be wiped out in mere moments.

I honestly don’t know how to react to this lol from LegendsOfRuneterra

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I honestly don’t know how to react to this” Reddit user ‘Rodniconii’ joked as they showcased an extraordinary turn that threw their momentum out the window.

The enemy had a measly two attack power unit on the board while every other card was frozen and unable to deal damage. Thinking on their feet, they employed the service of Karma, doubled down of the effects of the Judgment spell, and instantly dealt four damage to every single enemy unit. 


Not only did the clever play prevent all incoming damage for that turn, but due to the unit having Lifesteal, they were also able to heal their nexus from 9HP all the way back to the maximum of 20HP. 

Riot Games
Karma can be unlocked through in-game rewards, Wildcards, or 3000 Shards.

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Riot’s brand new Collectible Card Game was only just made available in Open Beta form on January 23, yet players are clearly finding combinations that can topple any form of opposition.

If you’re just starting out your time with the title, here’s a rundown on some of the most powerful decks that you’re likely to encounter in the game’s open playlist.