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Legends of Runeterra

Legends of Runeterra’s new Draft mode Expeditions explained

Published: 12/Nov/2019 20:45

by Eli Becht


Legends of Runeterra is gearing up for its second testing period and Riot explained the game’s Expeditions mode beforehand. 

Riot Games’ card game Legends of Runeterra was revealed during their 10-year-anniversary livestream and was available for players to check out for a limited time. That time has come and gone but now it’s ready for a second go-around and Riot revealed some more information about it.

The new Legends of Runeterra draft mode, called Expeditions, was explained in-depth by Riot ahead of the second beta period in a brief video.

Riot GamesLegends of Runeterra is coming back for another beta.

From the sound of things, this Expeditions mode will be an excellent way for players to grow acquainted with the plethora of cards found in the game. The mode will encourage players to mix and match different cards in an effort to see what works best.


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For this mode, players will have to create a deck from scratch and adapt to the cards they draw on the fly. You do this while also trying to find a way to stay ahead of your opponent, who will always be doing the same thing as you.

There is even a twist here as the Expedition will allow you to mix together three different regions of cards, while the regular version will only allow for two regions.

Riot explains that you’ll always come across cards that support your strategy, so you’re almost guaranteed some synergy, while still having customization to make sure your deck is different from your opponent’s. This will be called the Synergy phase, but there’s also the Wild draw that will be more random and give you different cards that allow you to completely shift gears if you’d like.


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If you aren’t successful in your first Expedition, don’t worry as each one features two opportunities. The goal is to make it to seven wins for the full set of rewards, so it’s important to be as optimized as possible. Once you complete the two trials, you can collect your rewards, which will obviously be better depending on how well you did.

No matter what, you’ll receive at least one Champion upon completion, but if you win every match, you might be able to get enough rewards to pay for your next Expedition.


You can go on three each week by using shards, coins, or Expedition tokens. For those intrigued, you’ll be able to check out this new mode in the preview patch beginning November 14.