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Legends of Runeterra

Legends of Runeterra exploit makes farming XP for weekly vault extremely easy

Published: 4/Feb/2020 0:04

by Bill Cooney


Legends of Runeterra players are talking about a new exploit that allows you to max out your decks quickly, and makes farming XP for the weekly vault no problem at all.

Runeterra is a collectible card game from Riot Games similar to Magic the Gathering that’s set in the universe of League of Legends. It’s spent several months in multiple betas before a full release set for later in 2020.

Towards the beginning of 2019 though, players have already discovered a way to exploit the daily XP rewards to help boost their decks and farm for the weekly vault, which rewards players with a number of cards at the end of each week.


Riot Games
Some players have discovered an easier way to build up their Runeterra decks.

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The exploit relies on the bonus XP given to players after a win – 200 XP for the first ten wins of the day – and the ability for Runeterra players to set up custom matches with friends.

To pull off the exploit, first you have to create two separate Runeterra accounts and create a game where you’re playing against yourself.

Then it’s as simple as conceding the game with one of the accounts, rewarding the victorious one 200 bonus XP for absolutely nothing.

Riot Games
What’s better than fighting against yourself? You can’t lose!

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Players can rinse and repeat this strategy up to 10 times for each account, netting 2,000 bonus XP a day for what could be less than 15 minutes of playtime total.


The XP rewards for wins drop off after the first ten of the day, with wins 11-15 rewarding 150, 16-20 rewarding 100, and so on from there.

As it stands, the exploit or loophole (whatever you want to call it) is definitely one of the quickest ways to farm XP in Runeterra, but you don’t get to actually play the game too much while doing it.

Riot Games
How Riot feels about the exploit is currently unknown.

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Riot has yet to respond to the loophole, so players who are farming XP with the exploit should be aware that it could come back to bite them.

Even if the dev doesn’t retroactively punish those who used the exploit, there are ways they could get rid of it, like by adding a minimum amount of time a match has to last in order for XP to be rewarded for a win.