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Legends of Runeterra

Legends of Runeterra Beta 0.8.3 patch notes – Guardians, bug fixes, more

Published: 3/Feb/2020 23:40

by Alan Bernal


Riot Games are continuing their polish for the Legends of Runeterra Open Beta with the 0.8.3 update on February 3 that’ll bring new content and bug fixes to the game.

The League of Legends developers are priming their new card game for its official launch soon. This next patch is a smaller, more contained approach to fixes with a larger one coming in the next few weeks.

This time around, there’s going to be more Guardians for players to summon on the board, while initial install for the game is going to get a lot smaller for new players to get into the action quicker.


Riot Games are tweaking their game even more in the lead up to its official release.

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Along with many cards that come in LoR, probably one of the most adorable live elements of the game are in the form of the small Guardian avatars that stand near your health counter.

There are three new ones for players to pick up in the form of the Basilisk, Silverwing, and Gloomtooth.

While the Basilisk is an unchained demon-looking hound, Silverwing is a much more meme-y Guardian with their “Deal with it” shades. Gloomtooth is a ghostly image of an adorable shark that wins just above the board.

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There are three new borders that will come along the three Guardians release, each complimenting their colors and themes.


The devs also took out the post-tutorial content from the initial download, reducing the size of the game’s file for players to get a more express avenue into LoR.

Players can still access the post-tutorial content, but it’ll “download as you play through tutorials” instead of requiring you to load them into your PC beforehand.

Riot Games
Players will now be able to explode onto the scene of LoR sooner with a smaller download size.

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Notable bug fixes are also packaged in the 0.8.3 update like a fix to an issue that didn’t correctly distribute cards after being purchased with wildcards and the like.

They also teased there could by changes to the XP Systems in the upcoming patch, which will be considerably larger than this one.


Riot revealed that they plan to have two patches a month for their strategy card game for the time being, this one being small to ramp up to the next big patch.

The open beta for Legends of Runeterra is coming along and check out the rest of the patch notes below courtesy of Riot.

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LOR Patches

Since this is LoR’s first “live” patch, we’d like to provide some overall info on what you can expect in terms of designations, cadence, etc. You know, exactly the kind of exciting content you came here for.

First, patch designations, aka “why the heck this one is called 0.8.3.” This patch is the last we named prior to open beta kicking off, but with the next patch we’ll move to a “0.9” designation for our remaining beta patches. Once LoR officially launches later this year, we’ll move to “1.0.”

Next, patch timing. For now, we plan to patch every other Tuesday (so every two weeks) at 9:30 AM Pacific Time (2:30 AM Seoul Time, 5:30 PM GMT). We’ll release patch notes at 11 AM PT the day before patches release.

Finally, patch size and content. For now, we’re switching off between large patches and small patches with each release, with 0.8.3 being a small one and 0.9.0 in two weeks being a large one. The biggest difference between small and large patches will be balance and major card updates—generally, we’ll consolidate those in the once-per-month large patches. We won’t get into more details right now since, to be honest, they’ll probably change at some point.

– Therewolf, Product Manager, Live Operations

XP Systems

While there are no associated changes in this patch, we’re keeping an eye on how y’all are engaging with the XP changes introduced with open beta. One of our main goals for progression is to encourage play through rewards without forcing chore-like behaviors—we want you to have efficient ways to progress, we just also want those experiences to be fun. For example, we don’t want players to feel like they need to grind AI games or snap concede matches to maximize their progression. No changes for now, but we’re already looking at potential adjustments.

– RiotClockwork, Product Lead, Metagame Systems

Boards & Guardians

  • 3 new guardians have arrived in Runeterra:
      • Basilisk
      • Silverwing
      • Gloomtooth
  • Boards & guardians can now be purchased in the store.


  • Animation speed increases:
    • Whirling Death
    • Yasuo’s stun / recall damage
  • New installs of LoR now have a smaller initial size so new players can start playing faster—post-tutorial game content will download as you play through tutorials, instead of all before.

Bug Fixes

  • Purchasing cards with shards or wildcards now correctly updates your displayed total remaining.
  • Fixed an issue where players weren’t correctly receiving cards after purchasing them with wildcards.
  • Various fixes for minor social panel issues (delays, unresolvable notifications, etc.)
  • Used Cask Salesman now shows in Expeditions archetypes.
  • Anivia now correctly appears in two Expeditions archetypes, rather than three.
  • Reduced volume on ‘The Box’ and ‘Thresh’s The Box.’
  • T-Hex leg rotation fixed in celebration animation.
  • Improved resolution on T-Hex and Poro Collection images.