Legends of Runeterra 3.11 patch notes: Forces from Beyond expansion & Star Guardian event

Legends of Runeterra Jinx Star Guardian skinRiot Games

The Legends of Runeterra 3.11 patch notes are here, and they add a series of new Champions and cards as part of the Forces from Beyond expansion.

Riot Games’ League of Legends card game, Legends of Runeterra, keeps growing with each expansion and event, and the Legends of Runeterra update 3.11 patch notes introduce the Star Guardian event and Forces from Beyond expansion at the same time.

Evelynn, Gwen and Kai’Sa join the roster, and can also be found in an update to Path of Champions, while fresh challenges will keep players coming back.

Here’s everything included in the Legends of Runeterra update 3.11 patch notes, as per Riot’s blog page.

Forces from Beyond Expansion

We’ve covered the release of the latest expansion, Forces from Beyond, but the key things to know are that there are fresh cards arriving alongside three new Champions:

  • Evelynn
  • Gwen
  • Kai’Sa

New keywords arriving, too. Here are Riot’s descriptions for Evolve and Hallowed:

Evolve empowers and encourages you to field a variety of Keywords, once you’ve summoned or given 6 unique positive keywords, your cards with Evolve will take on a new form, granting them +2 | +2.

Our newest keyword will haunt you from beyond the grave, Hallowed cards will take effect after they die. For each Hallowed card that has died this game, give +1|+0 to your first attacker that round.

Star Guardian Event

The Legends of Runeterra 3.11 patch notes kick off a new event pass that offers new rewards. The Star Guardian event ends on August 24.

As per Riot:

“Valoran City is in danger! Light and Darkness are ever side by side, will you succumb to agony’s embrace or find the light within? The Star Guardian event launches with patch 3.11.0 with an array of fabulous emotes, stunning skins, glittering guardians, and enchanting card backs. Complete the pass to get yourself the brand new Star Guardian Quinn skin!”

Legends of Runeterra Quinn Star Guardian SkinRiot Games
The Star Guardian Quinn skin is up for grabs.

“This pass, and future Event Passes, also come with many more free nodes, so you’ll be able to earn rewards as you play whether you choose to purchase the Premium Event Pass or not. It should still take roughly the same amount of time and effort to complete this pass as previous Event Passes.”

“Purchase before August 3 to get an exclusive quest that awards 10 Stardust and a Rare Prismatic Chest! The event pass grants access to an upgraded event path with premium rewards and immediately unlocks the Seamstress Doll Guardian. All unlockable rewards can be viewed on the Event rewards road.”

“Play games to earn Stardust and unlock more rewards!”

Legends of Runeterra 3.11 patch notes

New Challenges

New Challenges and Quests have been added to introduce the keywords, champions, and origin being added in Forces From Beyond. Additional AI decks featuring cards added in the expansion have also been added to the Vs. AI opponent pool.

Path of Champions

  • New Region – Shurima
  • New Champions:
    • Kai’Sa
    • Evelynn
    • Gwen
    • Taliyah
  • 6 new relics

Return of Labs

Labs have Returned! Look forward to more wacky experiments in the future, but for now enjoy the return of three of our favorite Labs!

Ultra Rapid Draw: This high-speed evolution of our very first Lab was also our most popular of all time outside of Lab of Legends. Heimerdinger’s Temporal Transducer has gone haywire, and everything is looking a little quicker than usual! Receive a hand of random, heavily-discounted cards each round and spend your 4 mana wisely to outwit your opponent.

Welcome to the Jungle: Our first-ever constructed Lab drops you and your opponent into the wilds of the Rift! Each player has a Vulnerable, Immobile jungle monster on their board. Slay your opponent’s monster to receive a powerful buff spell and spawn a new, even more powerful monster in its place. Instead of receiving random cards, you’ll be challenged to brew the perfect deck… or, if you’d rather get right into the action, you can choose quickplay and queue up with one of Heimerdinger’s own concoctions!

United Front (PVE): Runeterra’s first co-op Lab returns and pits you and an ally against one of several powerful Noxian Generals controlled by the AI. Invite a friend or match with someone new, select a Champion to create a premade deck, and combine your forces to repel the invasion… but watch out, those Noxians have a few tricks up their sleeves!


The following personalization items are available in the Legends of Runeterra update 3.11 patch notes:

Champion Skins:

  • Star Guardian Kai’Sa
  • Star Guardian Gwen
  • Star Guardian Jinx
  • Star Guardian Taliyah
  • Star Guardian Senna
  • Star Guardian Lulu
  • Star Guardian Quinn
  • Star Guardian Soraka
Star Guardian Lulu Skin in Legends of RuneterraRiot Games


  • Starlight Stage


  • Ina
  • Seamstress Doll
  • Star Guardian Doll
  • Star Guardian Drake

Card Backs:

  • Star Guardian Luminary
  • Star Guardian Protector
  • Star Guardian Hotshot
  • Star Gem


  • Let’s Shine!
  • Big Mistake
  • Starry-Eyed
  • No Way


Moving forward, Path of Champions will be its own mode independent from Labs.

Legends of Runeterra 3.11 patch notes – Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Spell Slinger’s targeting text does not update when damage is modified
  • Fixed an issue where the countdown number wasn’t highlighted in yellow for some landmarks
  • Fixed an issue where some champions’ card text did not update to reflect damage buffs
  • Fixed an issue where playing cards with Thermogenic Beam in hand would display Thermogenic Beam in the Action Log

That’s all we know about the Legends of Runeterra 3.11 patch notes. For more on the game, be sure to check out why we think it deserves more love.