Zelda Tears of the Kingdom fans concerned for Yunobo’s health after not appearing in any trailers

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Fans of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are worried about the fate of the Goron Yunobo from Breath of the Wild due to his absence from all pre-release material.

Anticipation for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is building among the fanbase as the game’s release date is less than a month away.

Thanks to Tears of the Kingdom’s third trailer, fans have started to speculate about what the game’s story will be like and what changes they can expect from Breath of the Wild.

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However, one character’s absence from all pre-release material has fans worried that something terrible might have happened to the young Goron Yunobo after the events of Breath of the Wild.

Tears of the Kingdom fans are worried about Yunobo

The conversation came to the forefront of the community thanks to a tweet by content creator Aero on Twitter, who asked why Yunobo was nowhere to be seen in the leadup to Tears of the Kingdom.

To drive their point home, they quote-retweeted Nintendo of America’s tweet that revealed the official artwork of some of Link’s friends from Breath of the Wild, which included Riju, Sidon, and even the Rito Tulin.

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However, the Goron representative from Breath of the Wild, Yunobo, is oddly missing from the collection, despite having a relatively large role to play in the Switch game.

Fans began suggesting theories as to what may be causing Yunobo’s disappearance in Tears of the Kingdom. One Twitter user suggested, “Alright, so Theory here probably not the first to think about it but I think Gorons are getting sidelined early because they won’t have a tear the tear Ganondorf has is 100% the Goron tear.”

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This certainly makes sense, as the Gorons are usually associated with the Goddess Din and, by extension, Triforce of Power. As fans know that Ganondorf is returning in Tears of the Kingdom, it could very well be that Ganondorf’s first move after his revival was to target Death Mountain and the Gorons.

Fans can see what appears to be Death Mountain briefly in the latest Tears of the Kingdom trailer at 2:29, where it appears some sort of dark miasma is erupting from it instead of its usual fiery lava.

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Another fan speculated that Yunobo might appear off-screen during the trailer and is wielding the Boulder Breaker Goron Gear just behind Riju and Sidon.

Regardless, it’s certainly interesting that Nintendo seems to be specifically not showing Yunobo before the game’s launch. Zelda fans may just have to wait until May 12, 2023, to learn the timid Goron’s true fate.