Zelda fans think they’ve spotted Hylia in the latest Tears of the Kingdom trailer

Tears of the Kingdom speedrunsNintendo

The final trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has arrived and fans are speculating about some of the mysterious characters shown.

Following Nintendo’s reveal of Tears of the Kingdom’s final pre-launch trailer, fans have been delving deep into the gameplay features and story elements shown to understand as much as possible about the upcoming game.

While many new elements of the game were showcased, the new faces revealed stood out most particularly for fans looking to gather more information on the plot. From a possible look at Demise himself to an unknown grey figure, the trailer featured a good few mysterious characters.

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There is one character that has really had fans scratching their heads. It is a glowing woman shown near the end of the Tears of the Kingdom trailer. People are throwing ideas around from the lady being a past Zelda to a Goddess such as Hylia herself.

Who is the mysterious woman in Tears of the Kingdom?

Towards the end of the Tears of the Kingdom trailer, a female figure is shown harboring the power of light. This short clip has sent fans into a frenzy trying to piece aspects of her appearance together to come up with her possible identity.

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The woman seems to closely resemble Zelda, even wearing the same earrings and crown. Her glowing pendant is also shown on Zelda in the trailer. It can be seen around her neck and in the palm of her hands. You can spot the similarities in the screenshot of Zelda below.

Zelda's face from Tears of the KingdomNintendo

These connections between the figure and Zelda have left fans considering the possibility of Hylia being in Tears of the Kingdom. Hylia was originally a Goddess, reborn into a mortal form later on. This mortal form was none other than the first Zelda, meaning that she was the royal family’s true ancestor.

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Another link between Hylia and her possible presence within Tears of the Kingdom is the fact that Demise himself is shown in the trailer. Demise and Ganon share a similar relationship as Hylia and Zelda, but as evil versions of the titular hero and goddess.

This means that Demise being present in the trailer could mean that the good counterpart Hylia is as well.

On the other hand, there are fans convinced that the figure is none other than Zelda herself. Some opinions imply that this mysterious woman could be Zelda combined with one of the other new faces shown in the trailer.

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It could also be either a past form or perhaps one in which she is fully harnessing the true Goddess’ powers.

The possibilities, especially when one takes the extensive lore of the Zelda universe into account, are genuinely endless. There will likely be no concrete confirmation until the game’s release on May 12. Regardless, fans are connecting the dots about the girl in the trailer. These always seem to somehow lead to Zelda.

Whether through another past or empowered form of hers, or the original Goddess Hylia, one thing is almost for certain. The mysterious character is going to be very closely related to Zelda herself. At the least, she is certainly not one of the new enemies.

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