Legend of Zelda fan finds giant Majora mask in Mexican market

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While browsing a Mexican market, one Legend of Zelda fan found someone selling a giant replica of Majora’s mask.

One of the most beloved Legend of Zelda entries, Majora’s Mask, launched on the N64 in 2000 to glowing praise from critics and players alike.

The iconography surrounding the titular mask has taken on a life of its own over the years. Nintendo-licensed merchandise and fan-made pieces have long supplied fans with plenty of ways to collect Majora’s Mask-inspired memorabilia.

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But one fan-created collectible, in particular, is making waves on the gaming subreddit.

Zelda player finds Majora mask while shopping in Mexican market

Reddit user Connor12568 recently shared a photo of an incredible item they stumbled across while exploring a market in Monterrey, Mexico.

The seller had several large masks on display, the most massive of which came in the form of Majora’s iconic mask from the N64 game.

As seen in the image linked below, the color and attention to detail on the mask are nothing short of astounding.

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The Redditor noted in the comments that someone else had already purchased the item, so they couldn’t take it home for themselves. Still, it’s a neat find, as evidenced by the nearly 9,000 upvotes on the Reddit post.

Of course, the comments section is filled with Zelda fans who are having fun with the implications of someone finding Majora’s Mask. “You’ve met with a terrible fate, haven’t you?” someone asked.

Another person joked, “I can’t stress this enough: DO NOT steal that mask and, if you do, DO NOT try to bring the moon crashing into the planet.”

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In addition to randomly encountering the iconic mask in the wild, Zelda faithful have much to look forward to this year. Most notably, Breath of the Wild sequel Tears of the Kingdom will hit store shelves in May.

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