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What’s the best armor in Breath of the Wild?

Published: 18/Sep/2021 23:57

by Nick Farrell


Link is going to need some beefy gear if you’re adventuring Breath of The Wild’s deadly dungeons, and there’s some armor that’s going to make you nearly untouchable to the dangers out there. 

With fans still excited regarding the official Breath of The Wild 2 announcement trailer back during Nintendo’s E3 showcase, many of you are probably diving back into one of the greatest games of all time in the first BOTW.

The game has been praised for its stellar world, with a ton of content for areas for players to explore, loot and combat enemies in. But, as you progress towards the later portions of the game, you’re going to need to equip some better armor to defeat stronger opponents.


We’re going to run over how you’ll be able to obtain the best armor in BOTW and why it’s essential for you later on in the game.


Players will find a bountiful of items within BOTW.

What’s the best armor in BOTW?

The Legend of Zelda offers players a unique amount of armor that they’ll be able to find around the map, and a lot of these will drastically improve your time roaming around Hyrule. However, there’s one set of armor that most of you are going to want to obtain, as it’ll go a long way in aiding your fight against evil.

Fans have quickly noted that the best armor set within BOTW is currently the Ancient Armor set, that’ll be greatly beneficial to you if you’re looking to have major resistance against some attacks.


zelda ancient armor
The Ancient armor is great for players towards the end-game portions of BOTW.

While this armor may be lucrative for players, it’ll take some time before you’ll be able to obtain one within the game.

How to get the Ancient armor set in BOTW

Now that you know what the best armor is within BOTW, we’re going to run over how you’ll be able to snag all the pieces required to get the full set. All three pieces of armor will run players 2000 Rupees, but, you’ll also need to exchange some ancient parts in order to complete the transaction.

While the Rupees are easy to obtain, players may struggle with getting some of these parts, but over time, you’ll accumulate enough in order to exchange them.


Another aspect to note is that you’ll only be able to grab this set at the Akkala Ancient Technology Lab, so be sure to head there beforehand.

Below is a run down of all the parts and materials you’ll need to gather to get the Ancient armor set.

  • Breeches
    • 20 Ancient gears, 5 Ancient springs, 3 Ancient cores
  • Helm
    • 20 Ancient gears, 5 Ancient shafts, 3 Ancient cores
  • Curiass
    • 20 Ancient gears, 5 Ancient screws, 3 Ancient cores

Combine this with the 2000 Rupees for each piece, and you have yourself the best armor set within BOTW!