How to defeat Moldarach in Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

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how to beat moldarach in the legend of zelda skyward sword hd

Moldarach is the rather unnerving eight-legged boss of the Lanayru Mining Facility in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and will snip your health away if you don’t know what you’re doing. Here’s the best strategy to send the Thousand-Year Arachnid packing.

After spending what seems like forever figuring out the puzzles of the Lanayru Mining Facility dungeon, what are you rewarded with? A Medal? Rupees? Nope, it’s a boss fight with the scorpion-like foe, Moldarach.

The enemy actually makes a second appearance in the Shipyard, though the battle is identical so you can use the same strategy as the Mining showdown to finish it off once and for all.




How to beat Moldarach in Skyward Sword HD

Moldarach is harder to defeat than the boss before it: Scaldera. But going in prepared with a good strategy will aid you tremendously in your showdown with the Thousand-Year Arachnid. It’s also a wise idea to take a couple of health-restoring Potions or a Fairy with you to give you a second wind should you need it.

Best strategy for phase one

The key to defeating Moldarach is attacking its weak points: the claws. Start the fight off by slashing at one of them repeatedly. If the eye on it turns red, make sure you dodge out of the way fast otherwise it’ll deal a big chunk of damage.

Keep hacking away at the claw until it disappears. Rinse and repeat with the other one to initiate phase two.

how to beat moldarach in the legend of zelda skyward sword hd
Dodge fast when the eyes on its claws turn red.

Best strategy for phase two

Once its claws are gone, Moldarach will bury itself in the sand as a defense mechanism. Either wait for the foe to rear its head or use the Gust Jar to force it out of hiding. Watch out for its tail as the spikes on it will hurt Link substantially.

Slash its exposed eye when it’s out of the sand and it’ll disappear again until you draw it out. Repeat this until it’s dead and gone – until you reach the Sandship, that is.

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