Fans hope Tears of the Kingdom’s Koroks offer better rewards than golden poop

Hestu's Gift from Breath of the WildNintendo

Few things perplexed Zelda fans as much as receiving Hestu’s Gift in Breath of the Wild after grinding through 900 Koroks did, and they hope that trend doesn’t repeat itself in Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild introduced fans of The Legend of Zelda series to a vast variety of new gameplay features, from its expansive open map to its personality-driven characters. There were still, however, under-appreciated elements that the game brought in which players could go without seeing in Tears of the Kingdom.

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Fans were unhappy with the unpettable dogs, for one. They also found the final boss fight, Ganon, to be too easy after the preceding encounters with the Divine Beasts. One particular disappointment in Breath of the Wild that has stood the test of time is… well, a piece of golden poop.

This poop is none other than Hestu’s Gift. The item players receive after they have completed the grueling task of locating each of the 900 different Koroks for their seeds. Hestu’s Gift seems to have provoked a universal reaction, and Zelda fans do not want to see it in Tears of the Kingdom.

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Fans don’t want Hestu’s Gift in Tears of the Kingdom

One fan expressed their distaste for the shiny excrement by drawing a comic depicting the situation and posting it to Reddit. The art resonated so well with the rest of the Zelda fandom and spread around social media like wildfire. It is not hard to see why.

The meme-style comic perfectly represents how every player felt upon finding each and every Korok seed. One fan commented, “Literally me yesterday,” while another followed up with just one word, “Same.” It would seem that the gift would definitely not be welcome in Tears of the Kingdom.

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Some players chose to add to the humor, with one commenting that the face in the comic says, “That face says “It’s still…warm…” A person then responded directly, also joking about the “subtle dripping between the fingers.”

Another commenter pondered the situation entirely, wondering how Link transports Hestu’s Gift. They wrote, “I never thought of this, but does Link… carry that…. in his pocket?” People quickly responded, saying that the golden poop was stored atop Link’s food inside of his inventory.

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The reward’s resemblance to defecation is intentional, even cultural. In reality, Hestu’s Gift is based off of Kin no unko, a good luck charm from Japan. The charm’s name itself is a pun, meaning both “golden poo” and “good luck.”

Regardless of the item’s cultural origins, fans are nonetheless disappointed with how they were rewarded for the long search in Breath of the Wild. Hopefully, Tears of the Kingdom has something more… appetizing to offer players for their efforts.

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