All Bottle locations in Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

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Bottles are an essential piece of Link’s kit in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD as they can be filled with potions to help out in a pinch when you need a hand.

Whether you need healing, a Stamina refill, or extra Oxygen, Bottles are your best friend in Skyward Sword HD. You can get through the game without using them, but you’d just be making it unnecessarily difficult for yourself.

There are five to be found. Some are easy to locate, while some require more effort. Getting them all will allow you to carry an arsenal of potions wherever you go.

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How to find all Bottles in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

#1: Skyloft Bazaar

legend of zelda skyward sword bottle skyloftNintendo
The first Bottle is in Skyloft.

The first one is the easiest one to find. After Zelda goes missing, head over to the Bazaar in Skyloft and speak to the stern-looking lady stationed at the Potion Shop, Luv.

After noticing you don’t have anything to store potions in for your adventure, the store owner will gift you your very first Empty Bottle. Lucky you!

#2: Sealed Temple in Sealed Grounds

legend of zelda skyward sword sealed temple bottleNintendo
The second Bottle is in a chest next to the old lady in the Sealed Temple.

After traveling through the Sealed Grounds and reaching the Sealed Temple, you’ll meet an old woman sitting on the floor inside.

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After talking to her, head to the right and you’ll spot a chest. Open it for a Revitalizing Potion – the bottle containing it can be reused.

#3: Orielle’s Injured Loftwing side quest

mushroom spores bottle lost loftwing bottle skyward swordNintendo
Start this side quest to get a Bottle.

Talk to Parrow in the Plaza in Skyloft, and he’ll tell you he’s worried about his sister after she went flying on her Loftwing. Head towards Fun Fun Island in the southwestern section of the map. Next to it is a smaller island, where you’ll find Orielle.

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Her bird is injured and needs medicine. Go back to Parrow and he’ll hand you some Mushroom Spores in a bottle, which you can keep after giving her the medicine.

#4: Fire Sanctuary in Eldin Volcano

legend of zelda skyward sword fire sanctuary bottleNintendo
The Fire Sanctuary is the sixth dungeon in the game.

Once you’re in the Fire Sanctuary, progress through until you’ve got the Mogma Mitts. From there, head back to a previously visited room with lava hands.

Then use the mitts to dig down to a new area with water plants and a Magmanos enemy. Once it’s been defeated, a new passage will open up with a chest with the Bottle at the other end.

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#5: In the Thunderhead

legend of zelda skyward sword thunderhead empty bottleNintendo
You’ll need to activate the Goddess Cube by the Fire Sanctuary in order to spawn the Goddess Chest in the Thunderhead.

For this Bottle, you need to activate the Goddess Cube that’s in the passage leading to the Fire Sanctuary. After this is done, head on over to the Thunderhead.

Once there, fly on over to a spherical island in the north and use your Mogma Mitts on a dirt mound. Dig through to the other side, climb up some vines, and there will be a Goddess Chest with the Empty Bottle in.

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