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WWE’s Zelina Vega ups her cosplay game again as League wildcard Jinx

Published: 14/Oct/2020 7:06 Updated: 15/Oct/2020 14:52

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Zelina Vega has been rocking the world with her cosplays lately. Today, she cosplayed Jinx from League of Legends live on stream, and it was one of the best we’ve seen.

Zelina Vega is best known as a professional wrestler in the WWE. But in her free time, Thea Trinidad, which is her real name, loves to game, stream, and cosplay her favorite characters.

She has cosplayed everything from D.VA and Sombra from Overwatch to Loba from Apex Legends in this year alone. Now, Zelina Vega has added yet another popular character to her impressive list: Jinx, from League of Legends.

Zelina Vega nailed the outfit

Zelina Vega matched Jinx’s blue hair and long, braided pigtails, as well as the make-up and outfit. But the best part is, she donned it live on her Twitch channel while playing Among Us with her subscribers.

Jinx, nicknamed “the loose cannon,” is described as “a manic and impulsive criminal from Zaun, Jinx lives to wreak havoc without care for the consequences.”

It sounds eerily close to Zelina Vega as a character, who is known for being a callous and calculated “heel” in the WWE Universe.

Recently, her character was found guilty of poisoning Montez Ford, another pro wrestler who is a member of the Street Profits, and she didn’t seem to mind.

Of course, cosplaying is huge in the League of Legends community. Impressive ones are popping up every week. Still, it’s nice to see one from Zelina Vega herself, who is quickly cementing her place as the cosplay queen.

If you’re interested in seeing more of Zelina Vega’s superb cosplays, be sure to check out her Twitter and Instagram, which showcases them all.


WWE’s Zelina Vega breaks internet with perfect Apex Legends Loba cosplay

Published: 21/Aug/2020 7:35 Updated: 21/Aug/2020 11:23

by Isaac McIntyre


WWE superstar Zelina Vega has got the internet, and Apex Legends fans, hot under the collar after unveiling her perfect Loba cosplay. The wrestling queen’s stunning outfit could well be the best Loba take we’ve seen yet!

Vega, real name Thea Trinidad, first made her wrestling debut all the way back in February 2010. Since then, she’s carved out a name for herself as WWE’s resident “bad b*tch,” taking no prisoners on her way to the top.

It seems very fitting then, that the Puerto Rican superstar chose Apex Legends leading lady Loba to cosplay on August 19. Loba has won the hearts of Apex fans since her Season 5 debut, thanks to her sassy, “get the job done” attitude.

Loba Andrade made her debut last season as the 13th character in Respawn’s ever-growing battle royale. Her hunt for murderous simulacrum Revenant has dominated the game’s story ever since, even spilling on into Season 6 too.

Zelina Vega regularly cosplays gaming characters like Apex Legends heroine Loba.

Zelina Vega unveils Loba cosplay

Vega unveiled her Apex Legends cosplay on August 19, revealing the perfect outfit in a post on Instagram. She accompanied the cosplay reveal with a fitting audio track blaring out the battle royale’s iconic main theme.

This new Loba cosplay may well be the best we’ve seen here at Dexerto. Vega made sure to include each and every detail, starting with the Apex Legends heroine’s tight-fitting white and gold battle jacket, adorned with orange trim.

Vega also pulled on Loba’s knee-high black boots, and had the tan garters the Translocating Thief uses to carry her guns on too. The WWE Raw superstar even made sure to include the Portuguese legend’s fingerless gloves as well.

Loba has become one of Apex Legends most popular characters since her Season 5 debut.
Respawn Entertainment
Loba has become one of Apex Legends most popular characters since her Season 5 debut.

“Gold goes well with a diamond like me”

The most stunning part of the already perfect Loba cosplay, however, was Vega’s attention to detail with her hair and makeup. Loba wears dark red eyeshadow in every Apex Games battle and the WWE star certainly looked the part once she added that stunning detail.

Finally, Loba wears her hair in two long pigtails, hanging down nearly to her hips. Vega was able to bundle her own long hair into the same design, completing the Apex Legends look.

“Gold goes so well with a diamond like me,” Vega wrote alongside her Apex Legends cosplay reveal. The developers seemed to agree too, replying on Instagram to praise the outfit. “Okay Loba, we see you!” they wrote, adding a fire emoji.

Trinidad’s amazing Loba cosplay is far from the first time she’s dived into gaming culture for costume ideas too. In early August, she celebrated Overwatch with a stunning D.Va outfit. In June, she also appeared as Pokemon’s Nessa.

The 29-year-old World Wrestling Entertainment star also streams regularly on Twitch, airing near-daily broadcasts since isolation began. She can be found at twitch.tv/atozonyoutube and, of course, in the squared circle.