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. 9 months ago
Rogue player at Worlds
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Cloud9 and Rogue face off for the second time in the group stage of Worlds 2021. Cloud9’s Worlds journey hangs in the balance, while Rogue need to win to stay competitive in the group.

DJ Esports provides expert analysis ahead of some of the headline matches at Worlds 2021, to help you make your own predictions and check out some of the odds on offer.

In the first match between these two teams, RGE went for an offensive, heavy-hitting lineup, whereas C9 chose to focus on late-game team fights. RGE perfectly executed a strategy based around early offense and aggression to obtain a considerable gold lead, which they successfully carried into the mid-game. Throughout the match, RGE’s focus on objectives helped them to keep expanding their lead until they eventually secured victory.

C9 are likely to have learned from that loss. Expect them to choose champions with strong early-game offense in a bid to keep RGE from running away with another early lead. In this game, the two teams are likely to come out swinging. Whichever team strikes an early lead is likely to try and push that attack hard and fast.

game 1 win

So far in the tournament, the teams that have managed to secure an early lead have been able to snowball that into victories. It’s likely that C9 will go on the offensive early and hope to ride that early lead to victory. DJ Esports puts the odds of C9 winning at 2.057. If they can secure an early lead, they have a real shot at coming out on top of this one.

first to 5 kills

Considering that C9 is likely to choose an early-game lineup, they are the favorites to take both First Blood and the First Five Kills. According to DJ Epsorts’ analytics, the odds of C9 getting the first five kills are 1.825. C9 scoring the first five kills looks like a safe bet.

graphs cloud9 vs rogue

Looking at the DJ Esports’ Analytics Matrix, we can see that RGE’s first Rift Herald rate is a respectable 58 percent, while C9’s is only 38 percent. Anticipate RGE to move on the Herald quickly, hoping to secure it and take a gold lead as soon as they can. At the same time, C9 has a much better chance of going for the Dragon, as they have managed to slay the first Dragon in 60 percent of their recent games. In the last match between these two, RGE relied on the superiority of the cooperation between their top-laner and mid-laner to get the Rift Herald, while C9 claimed the first dragon.

Expect this trend to continue in this matchup. We’re picking C9 to take the first dragon at odds of 1.774.

Team analysis from C9

Further, we can see that the first Turret rate of RGE over their recent games is an astonishing 70 percent. This is due to their attention to the Rift Heralds as well as their early-game cooperation. RGE’s strategy has been to get a Turret early and build up a gold lead. The last time these two teams faced off, RGE used some clever laning and the first Herald to push down the first Turret and secure an early lead.

First turret from DJ

In this game, RGE is likely to try and repeat this strategy. DJ Esports puts the odds of RGE winning the First Turret at 1.865. Based on their recent performance, we think this is a real winner.

Banned champs from dj esports

Although C9 chose a lineup favoring late-game team fights in the first game, they have the skills to successfully roll out an early-game offense. Expect C9 to favor the early game and come out hard and fast looking to secure some early kills and put RGE on their heels.

Total Kills by DJ Esports

Therefore, we expect this game to be a fierce and bloody contest. Frequent small-scale team fights in the early stages of the game will give way to raging battles in the mid-game as the teams vie for control of the objectives. We anticipate the total kills in this game to be greater than 28.5. With odds of 1.97, this seems like a great choice.

C9 lost to RGE in the first match and this second round will decide their future in the tournament. RGE had C9’s number last time, but can lightning really strike twice?

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