Wild Rift player accused of cheating in $25,000 female-only tournament

Wild Rift Lee SinYouTube: League of Legends - Wild Rift

Professional Wild Rift players are coming together to call out what they believe to be blatant cheating in a recent tournament.

Riot Games takes competitive integrity very seriously, and its commitment to esports have allowed it to pioneer the industry.

But during an all-female tournament in EU, one competing team was accused of cheating by a large number of the professional players.

In fact, many top level Wild Rift professional players analyzed these plays throughout the series, and believe it was someone else playing on her account.

Wild Rift analysts suspect player of cheating

The accused cheating took place on November 5 during a playoff series between CG1 and Formulation Gaming Queens. CG1 won two to one, where summoner ‘Mirai’ took over the map.

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Mirai is a Diamond four player with less than a 50% win rate, and pulled out champions that she hardly ever plays during their matches against Formulation Queens. To many people’s surprises, despite having little experience with a champion like Lee Sin, the jungler popped off.

Baffled by her sudden improvement, players analyzed Mirai’s mechanics via replay. Shown in the picture is the player’s Lee Sin starts two camps simultaneously, perfectly clearing them.

“After reviewing the VODs with camera pinned on Mirai and comparing the accounts overall stats, performance etc. it’s very difficult to believe that we saw the same person that owns the account play on said account,” RiftGuides’ co-owner Kerxx told Dexerto.

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Wild RiftYouTube: Seniel Hdez
Mirai is accused of cheating by multiple Wild Rift professionals.

“It seems rather unrealistic to say that after showcasing such skills someone can casually have 100 games neg. win rate in diamond four in solo queue,” he continued.

“Showcasing insane gameplay on a lot of different levels – however sometimes falling short mechanically whereas the macro game, decisions taken, communication via pings and overall structure of play are with ease top 10 ladder material,” Kerxx analyzed.

After having co-streamed the games with Kerxx, content creator TatsuWR expressed a concurring opinion to Dexerto.

“I went ten minutes AFK and just talked with Kerxx, and it can’t be [her]. That’s all I’m saying,” Tatsu said on stream.

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When discussing the situation with Dexerto, reputable Wild Rift coach MOZ1LLA stated “anyone with a brain knows. The eyetest is just too obvious.”

Riot’s response to the accusations

On November 9, Riot released their public statement regarding the accusations.

According to them, “DivE and Riot teams have checked all possible aspects of the suspected profiles and nothing in the investigations’ results would show a wrongdoing or any kind of behavior that would be against the rules.”

It appears Yugen and CG1 will proceed onward with the tournament, and the accusations Wild Rift cheating have been been cleared.