New Wild Rift Legendary ladder brings League’s Champions Queue to the masses

wild rift legendary queueRiot Games

Riot Games are bringing League of Legends’ top-tier competitive ladder to Wild Rift with Legendary Queue, which will gather the best mobile players similar to Champions Queue on PC.

The competition in Wild Rift has been heating up ever since Riot released the modified League port in 2022. Like its full-featured sister title, high elo players have been looking for a more consistent competitive experience to hone their skills.

As a mobile game, Wild Rift makes the Rift much more accessible for millions of people outside of Riot’s desktop client. That said, games can vary from strategic battlegrounds to outright fiestas that hardly satisfies the competitive itch.

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That’s why Riot think it’s time to put in a more stable ladder that will only feature the best summoners in Wild Rift.

league of legends champions queueRiot Games
Riot is making a Champions Queue-esque ladder for Wild Rift.

Wild Rift Legendary Queue release

Wild Rift will launch its Legendary Queue during Season 6 and it will be a solo-only, point-based system, similar to League of Legends’ top-flight lobbies.

Legendary Queue will feature new ranks and will only be available to players who have scaled to Diamond tier and above in the regular Ranked Queue.

This will operate like League’s Champions Queue in practice and Riot hopes to provide the top Wild Rift pros or players a suitable matchmaking experience as they seek better competition.

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“One of the changes we mentioned was that we were considering offering a split queue,” Riot said in its Wild Rift blog. “We currently have only one Ranked queue that tries to serve both those wanting to play with friends, as well as those looking for the ultimate competitive experience.”

wild rift Riot Games
Legendary Queue will release in Wild Rift sometime in Season 6.

Players will have a “few weeks” after the launch of Season 6 to get up to Diamond+ in order to qualify for the new queue.

As such, Riot will be monitoring how Legendary Queue simmers with players as they climb in the rankings in a server filled with only the best Wild Rift has to offer.

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