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Viral Twitter clip shows how broken League’s newest champion Zeri is

Published: 23/Jan/2022 18:22

by Shay Robson


An insane viral League of Legends clip shows how busted the newest champion Zeri truly is.

Since its release in 2009, League of Legends has grown and evolved into a very different game from what it once was. Now in 2022, there are over 157 champions for players to choose from that all have their unique kinks and quirks.

There’s no sign of the devs slowing down with releases, with more champions undoubtedly on the way. However, as the game has evolved, so has the skill ceiling and mechanics you need to learn to play new champions effectively.


The latest release, Zeri, is no different, as demonstrated in a viral clip of a professional outplaying others.

Riot Games
The League of Legends roster has grown to over 157 champions since the game’s release in 2009.

In a tweet on January 23, Team Liquid Academy’s ADC Sean ‘Yeon’ Sung showed off his insane skills with the new champion Zeri. In the clip, you can see the pro making use of her abilities that grant additional movement speed.

Throughout the viral highlight – which has amassed 17k likes on Twitter at the time of writing – the player kept provoking his enemies before swiftly juking them out with some impressive mechanics.

However, it’s worth noting that the build they were running wasn’t exactly optimal for dealing damage to others.


One reply to the tweet compared the new champion to an annoying mosquito: “This champion is like a mosquito, it is extremely annoying and hard to catch,” said LoL fan. “But, it does negligible damage and dies in one hit.”

Others made fun of the champ’s poor damage: “Only thing I see is that this champ does negative damage,” said Doxylol.

Despite being a newly released champion, Zeri sits at a 42.38% win rate for patch 12.2. With such a poor win rate, more than likely we should expect Riot to buff her, making her even more absurd in patch 12.3.