Viego reportedly disabled in LCS amid concerns of a “game-breaking” bug

Viego official splash artRiot Games

The LCS has seemingly disabled Viego from play due to concerns over a “game-breaking” bug until further notice, according to 100 Thieves’ Jungler Closer. 

The LCS has finished its Spring Season, and along the way, fans witnessed a number of stunning upsets. From Team Liquid not making it through to the Spring playoffs, to 100 Thieves stepping on the pedal in the last week to qualify for the main event, it’s been a doozy. Though now, another curveball has been thrown into the mix.

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According to 100 Thieves’ Jungler, Closer, sharing a screenshot of a Discord message, a Riot staff member responsible for competitive operations, informed them that Viego will be disabled due to a “game-breaking bug”.

The full message reads: “We just discovered a game-breaking bug with Viego. Due to this, we are competitively disabling Viego until further notice.”

Viego has been a key part of 100T’s draft of late, as Closer played the champ across four games during the Spring Split. Three of those games fell during the last week of the Split.

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Closer and Viego have become synonymous since the 2021 Season, as the Jungler has been known to pick the champ up since his release. Thus, with his familiarity and solid performance, the champ largely became an instrumental pick for the team’s run in the current season.

This is not the first time the champ has been disabled this year, however. During the Spring Split in the LCK, it was revealed that Viego was disabled from play due to a bug that occurs when he transforms into Aphelios, according to the League’s broadcast. 

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Riot is yet to provide an answer as to when Viego will be enabled once again, nor did they specify what the bug did this time around. It is unsure if Viego will be enabled by March 23, the start of the Spring Playoffs, as 100T is hoping for.

100T will be playing the opening match of the playoffs against FlyQuest, and the sudden disabling may mean a change of strategies for the team. 

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